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Aero Bed Twin - Benefits of Using an Aero Bed Twin

all-terrain speedy inflation and deflation few refills 1-year limited warranty extra perks

An Aero bed twin is an inflatable mattress that can give you a comfortable night of sleep, regardless of where you may be located. This high quality inflatable bed has been advertised a great deal on TV and it is a popular purchase item amongst consumers because of the many benefits associated with the Aero bed brand. First, the Aero bed twin is an all-terrain inflatable mattress, which means it can serve you well wherever you may roam. Second, the Aero bed inflates and deflates with great speed. Third, the Aero bed is proven to stand the test of time, needing very few air ‘refills’ even when used for extended periods. Fourth, every Aero bed twin comes with a 1-year limited warranty.


Few air mattresses can stand up to rugged and rocky conditions, such as are present in back country camping. The Aero bed twin, however, is comprised of puncture-resistant material that doesn’t flinch in the face of rocks or uneven terrain. The heavy-gage, PVC vinyl out of which the Aero bed is fashioned is also hypo-allergenic, ensuring that allergic reactions will not be a part of your bedtime ritual at home or on the road.

Speedy Inflation and Deflation

Every Aero bed twin comes with a hand-held AC pump that is so powerful, it can fill your Aero bed in just 60 seconds flat. This comes in handy when it is inconvenient to make a great deal of noise, such as when you are inflating your mattress at a friend’s house late at night. In addition to filling up fast, the Aero bed twin deflates with incredible speed. In fact, your mattress will go from being fully filled to completely deflated in just 15 seconds upon the release of your mattress’s quick air release valve. When time is of the essence, the Aero bed in twin size will not waste packing time whatsoever.

Few Refills

Many air mattresses seem to deflate every night, needing a few pumps of air put in with every use in order to be comfortable. Not so with the Aero bed twin, which holds its air for extremely long periods. You can go weeks or even a month without having to add a bit of air to your mattress in order to retain firmness and overall comfort. The time and energy the Aero Bed twin saves consumers is considerable and ranks high as one of the main benefits associated with purchasing an twin inflatable bed from the Aero brand.

1-Year Limited Warranty

The 1-year limited warranty provided by Aero bed covers virtually all normal circumstances under which your twin bed may be damaged. Thus, you can rest assured knowing that you can trust your inflatable bed to stand the test of time, providing numerous nights of comfortable sleep in virtually any environment.

Extra Perks

It should be mentioned that the Aero bed twin is easy to fold and store in the drawstring bag in which it comes. This lightweight bag can be packed or carried with ease, allowing you to take it with you on camping trips, family visits or overseas adventures.

In addition, the Aero bed twin also comes with a raised shelf that serves as a built-in ‘pillow’, so you will have one less thing to pack for long treks.

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