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Metal Building Supplies - Supplies for Metal Buildings

roof trim ridge include

When shopping for metal building supplies, know what you are looking for and you will be better prepared to save money. Metal buildings range from small metal tool shed kits to massive steel beam warehouses. The size of your building will depend on what you intend to do. Usually, you will want to build a little bigger than you think you need as adding on will be much more difficult once the structure is complete.

The best metal building supplies will come with a warranty. The better the product, the more likely the supplier will be to stand behind it. Some metal roofing, for example, carries a 40 year warranty. The cheapest products may only offer a 10 year guarantee or none at all. A nice painted surface can become a pile of rust in just a few years if cheaply made. Finished products made of a composite galvanized steel and aluminum sheet metal will last longer. Manufacturers sell this bare metal roofing for agricultural and industrial uses. For residential roofing, the manufacturer will prime and paint that same roof material in about 20 different colors.

If purchasing metal building supplies for a unique job, know your measurements from ridge to eave and order metal roof panels cut to the exact inch. Custom, pre-cut products save the installer considerable time and trouble having to cut sheets on the job site.

Most trim pieces will be available by standard size or custom order. Traditionally a metal roof will not look complete until one installs eave flashing (fascia trim) of a matching or complementary color. Of course the ridge cap will match the roof color and serve a functional purpose of keeping rain out of the top of the building. At the sides of the roof, your metal building supplies will need to include rake or gable trim which finishes the end-wall and the roof junction, from ridge to eave. Industrial and agricultural applications require a large rake trim while residential jobs look better with a smaller trim size.

The roof may require other metal building supplies. Skylights call for special trim and plumbing vents and electrical weather-heads require rubber or neoprene boots to shed water. A well ventilated building will often have a vented ridge cap. This material may include Z-shaped trim, perforated with holes to raise the ridge cap and allow air flow. Other applications use a roll-type of vent or a rigid product that installs under the ridge cap. Consider what works best for your weather patterns and the pitch of your roof before purchasing a system. A vented ridge will only work as long as the underside of the roof edge includes a vented soffit system, causing air to flow up from the eaves under the roof and out through the ridge. Positive airflow such as this prevents condensation problems and keeps the paint on the roof from premature failure due to overheating.

Metal building supplies include more than just the roof. If you want an all-metal building, get sheets of metal for the walls in a color that matches or complements the roof. The wall trim will include J-channel, rat guard (for the bottom of the wall), and corner trim. You can also purchase pre-hung entry doors of all sizes to coordinate with your metal building. For shops and garages you may get rolling doors or sliding bay doors.

To keep wasps and other bugs out from under the metal panels, an essential part of your metal building supplies will include foam closures for the end of each piece of metal. You will want to get plenty of hex-head screws that will penetrate metal and/or wood. Silicone caulking, rolls of tape sealant, and a variety of other products will be necessary as well. Also determine what type of insulation, if any, will be necessary for your building. You may also add red iron (steel I-beam) framework to your list of metal building supplies if you intend for the whole project to be metal. Know your options and you will find a product that will serve you well for many years to come.

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