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Check Vin Number - A VIN Number Check is Important When Purchasing a Used Vehicle

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For most people buying a vehicle is a major purchase. If the vehicle is used, it is very wise to perform a VIN number check to ensure the car being purchased is as the seller claims it to be.

The vehicle identification number (VIN) is a unique number assigned to automobiles when they are manufactured. This number is recorded to identify vehicles when they are titled, in collisions, or stolen. Several commercial companies have developed databases in which information about cars and trucks are stored. This allows potential buyers to complete a VIN number check to determine the history of the automobile.

This service is valuable for many reasons. One of the most important reasons is to determine if the truck or car has been involved in an automobile collision. Owners selling used cars will not necessarily want to disclose if the vehicle was involved in an accident. Many cars on the road today have been involved in accidents or in someway damaged. Insurance companies have paid claims and the autos are believed to have been destroyed. That is not necessarily the case. The vehicles can be purchased very cheaply and returned to the roads. A VIN number check will reveal this information to a potential buyer.

Another good reason to check a VIN number is to determine how the automobile was used. The search will alert potential buyers if the car was used as a taxi vehicle or if it was a rental car. Automobiles that have been used as a taxi are subjected to very extreme driving conditions. This will decrease the life of a vehicle. The same is true of rental cars. Renters do not treat rental cars as they would their own vehicle. This also adds to the wear and tear on a car.

A VIN number check will also reveal if an auto has been labeled a “lemon”. New vehicles that are purchased and have several mechanical problems are called lemons. Once a car has been classified as a lemon it is bought back by the car dealer. Once this happens the car is flagged by the State as a lemon. By performing a search a buyer can avoid ending up with a problem auto.

One of the last reasons to perform a VIN number check on a vehicle is to determine if there has been tampering with the car’s odometer. Every time a car is sold, the odometer information is recorded. This is done to ensure mileage readings are not being tampered with and that the number displayed on the odometer is the true mileage of the car. This prevents potential buyers from purchasing a car that has endured more use than they are lead to believe.

By being diligent, a car buyer can avoid common traps that turn a significant investment into a money pit. A VIN number check can significantly increase a buyer’s knowledge of what he or she is getting when purchasing an automobile.

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