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Indonesian To English Translation - Online resources for an Indonesian to English translation

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If you work in a variety of fields, such as in business, education, travel, or even the legal and judicial system, you may at some point find yourself needing to make an Indonesian to English translation in a hurry. Not too long ago, you would have had no choice but to hire an experienced Indonesian to English translator to help get the job done. That translator would likely have charged high fees by the word and taken several days to produce an accurate translation unless you were willing to pay near astronomical fees. While there are still many translators available today who will be willing to translate Indonesian into English for you if you are willing to meet their prices, the advent of electronic translating applications on the internet has leveled the playing field considerably. Today there are a number of online resources and web sites that you can turn to for quick and reasonably accurate translations from common languages to English and back. While Indonesian is not a language that is quite as commonly heard in the United States as Spanish or French, it is still a reasonably common language that continues to become more popular as the world becomes further connected through the internet, globalization, trade, and technology designed to enable and enhance communication. This article will provide a guide to resources on the internet you can use to obtain translations from Indonesian to English.

Perhaps the first site to consider when looking for ways to obtain an Indonesian to English translation online is Google Translate. This site is an offshoot of the wildly popular search engine Google and contains a number of languages available for translation besides Indonesian. It also includes a box where you can type or paste text for immediate translations from Indonesian into English. If you have a longer document that you do not want to paste into the text box, you can use the “translate a document” option to upload a document from your computer to Google’s servers, where the computers will automatically translate it into English and provide you with a copy of the text almost instantaneously.

The drawbacks to Google’s translation service are similar to the drawbacks you will experience with virtually every free online translator currently available. The primary drawback is that because the translations are done by computers, there inevitably will be some errors that you will have to correct if accuracy is a priority. Sometimes the errors will be slight enough to be ignored or even unnoticed, but in other cases they may appear as stilted or awkward phrasing, while in the worst cases they may be rendered unintelligible in the target language. The technology used for translations continues to improve with each year, however, and it will probably not be too long in the future before you can reliably use online resources such as Google Translate without worrying much about their accuracy.

Another site to consider when looking for ways to obtain an Indonesian to English translation online is Toggle Text. Toggle Text describes themselves as leaders in researching and developing technologies for languages found in Asia and the Pacific. They advertise their translations as being generated by computers with the latest technology and without the help of human translators. Of course, such a service will suffer from similar drawbacks as those described above via Google translation in that the accuracy will not be completely reliable and should not be used for emergency situations.

A tip for using online resources is to use them primarily to assess the meaning of documents, rather than as a way of obtaining precise, word for word translations. As long as you use a computer translation that does not involve human interaction or interpretation of text, you will inevitably have to deal with some errors that arise as a product of the software. If you find yourself needing precise translations for important matters such as medical care, legal procedures, issues of business confidentiality, or other sensitive matters that demand precision, you should supplement any computer translation resource from the internet with an overview by a professional translator or at least someone with considerable experience in working with an Indonesian to English translation.

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