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Marion County Property Appraiser - How to choose a Marion County Property Appraiser

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Marion County is a county that is located in the central portion of Florida slightly below the panhandle. The county seat is located in Ocala, Florida, and the population estimate for the county provided by the United States Census Bureau in 2006 was 316,000. The county includes the cities of Ocala and Dunnellon and several villages and towns including Summerfield, Marion Oaks, Fort McCoy, Silver Springs Shores, Salt Springs, The Villages, and Anthony. As a result, the county has become an increasingly popular location in recent years for people to purchase and sell property and real estate. While some people are capable of appropriately appraising the values of real estate properties by themselves, many people would benefit from the assistance of trained property appraisers to ensure they receive accurate estimates of the values of properties within the county. When you are looking for a property appraiser, it is helpful to have a set of heuristics to guide your decision-making process. This guide will provide information on critical questions you should ask when next you find yourself in search of a Marion County property appraiser.

The first question you should ask when you are choosing a Marion County property appraiser is if the appraiser you are considering has a license. Even more importantly, the appraiser should be certified by the state of Florida so he or she can perform appraisals of property in Marion County, Florida. While having certification or licensing by the state does not always indicate the quality of an appraiser (and in some states, it is not even necessary to have such certification), when a property appraiser does have such certification you can rest assured that he or she is in compliance with certain standards and that he or she has the authorization to appraise property. There are certain states that will not require a property appraiser to have licensing when performing such appraisals, but it is wise to avoid using the services of professionals who do not have certification or licensure as you will not know what kind of service they may offer.

When you meet Marion County property appraisers, you should not be worried about asking them to see what their license, certification, and curriculum vitae or resume look like. If the appraiser is good, he or she will provide this documentation without hesitation. It might also be a good practice to look into the government agency that provided the certification or licensure; this allows you to make sure the license is not only active but in good condition. You will be able to tell if your property appraiser has disciplinary actions pending against him or her for improper behaviors or business practices.

Another question you should ask when you are choosing a Marion County property appraiser is how much experience the appraiser can claim in appraising the kinds of properties you are interested in. The amount of experience the appraiser has is not the only important criteria to consider, but it is certainly one of the foremost criteria you should look into. When you are thinking about selling or purchasing a real estate property such as a home, you will probably be aware that it is the largest investment most people make in their lives. In such a case, you will probably not want to put yourself at risk of losing epic amounts of money simply because you dealt with an appraiser who was lacking experience. However you should not simply look at the number of years of experience the appraiser brings to the table but also the amount of experience the appraiser has in working with consumers and average people and not just with real estate professionals. This is because people like loan officers and mortgage brokers will have needs that differ considerably from those of homeowners. If you are working with an appraiser who can talk to you about the concerns you have as a prospective purchaser or a homeowner, he or she will more likely be able to help you understand the process of appraisal. He or she will also be able to answer questions you have with a greater degree of accuracy when you are trying to buy or sell property/

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