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Citizen Watch Titanium - Strength and Style: Citizen Titanium Watches

company drive eco light

Since 1936, the Citizen Watch Company of Tokyo has been manufacturing innovative and stylish watches made from the highest quality materials. The new line of Citizen watches featuring titanium cases and bands are no exception. Citizen titanium watches are available at various price points making these feature-rich timepieces some of the most popular and desirable on the market today.

Sometimes known as the “space age metal,” titanium possesses many unique qualities perfectly suited for the demands of high-end watch consumers. These include strength, luster, and protection against corrosion from sea water and chlorine, making Citizen titanium watches the perfect choice for divers and other rugged sports enthusiasts. The solid titanium cases and bands are 1/3 lighter and twice as strong as stainless steel, and also nickel-free, providing a hypoallergenic alternative for people with sensitivity to certain metals. Besides watches, titanium is used today in the manufacture of bicycle frames, drill bits and even medical equipment.

Citizen is the world’s largest manufacturer of titanium timepieces, many of which feature their proprietary Eco-Drive technology, which allows the watch to charge in direct sunlight or even in artificial light. This makes the need for changing batteries a thing of the past. When fully charged, Citizen watches can run for up to 180 days without additional exposure to light. The special Eco-Drive energy storage cell stores electricity from the converted light energy, and contains none of the dangerous and polluting chemicals used in ordinary watch batteries.

Citizen pocket watches were first produced at the Shokosha Watch Research Institute in Japan. In 1960, Citizen entered into an exclusive agreement with the Bulova Watch Company in the United States for importing and exporting their products. European exports began in 1965 with the opening of a Citizen office in Germany. Citizen also manufactures jewelry, eye wear, and clocks. The Citizen Watch Company headquarters are still currently located in Tokyo.

Most Citizen titanium watches retail in the $100-$300 range. Citizen’s top-of-the-line titanium watch, the Titanium Skyhawk AT Multi-Band Atomic Eco-Drive Flight Chronograph, can run as high as $800. This technological wonder is water resistant up to 200 meters and packs an impressive amount of features into an attractive and functional chronograph-style watch. Features include a multi-band atomic receiver, solid titanium case and bracelet, Eco-Drive technology, and a power reserve indicator with low charge warning. All Citizen titanium watches sold in the United States are backed by a 5 year warranty against defects.

Whether you are looking to take to the skies, plunge the depths of the ocean, or just make sure you are not late to your next business meeting, Citizen titanium watches can meet and often exceed the needs of even the most particular watch aficionados. In our modern-day society where everything is temporary and disposable, it is nice to know that a company like Citizen still builds a watch that will provide years of trouble-free service.

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