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Symptoms Cervical Cancer - Schedule a Medical Appointment at the First Symptoms of Cervical Cancer

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Approximately 3,700 women die from cervical cancer each year in the United States alone. It is an insidious disease, one whose symptoms are often mistaken for other ailments. The nature of cervical cancer makes it imperative that women have regular pelvic examinations on at least an annual basis. A typical pelvic examination, which will routinely include a Pap smear, is the best way to detect cervical cancer. In its early stages, cervical cancer has few noticeable symptoms, making it difficult to diagnose and treat. However, catching cervical cancer at these early stages is of paramount importance, as receiving an early diagnosis and comprehensive treatment are key to surviving this disease. In addition, many women who are diagnosed with cervical cancer at its later stages often lose their ability to bear children as a result of treatment of the disease. When caught early enough, it is possible for women to recover from the disease and maintain their ability to have children.

Women should know the warning signs of cervical cancer. The symptoms of cervical cancer vary from woman to woman, but should never be ignored. Often the first symptom is abnormal bleeding. This bleeding may be either light or heavy. Either way, if it is at all unusual for a particular individual, a check-up with a gynecologist should be scheduled immediately.

Another symptom of cervical cancer that many women experience is an unusually heavy discharge. It may be watery or thick, contain mucus, smell unpleasant, or some combination of these descriptions. Again, any woman experiencing such unusual discharge should contact their doctor immediately.

Many women experience pelvic pain during their typical menstrual cycle. However, experiencing such pain at other times of the month may be a symptom of cervical cancer. This symptom varies widely from woman to woman, with some reporting a dull ache while for others it is a sharp pain. The pain may be mild or quite severe and may have a duration of several hours. Pain during sexual intercourse is another common indication of cervical cancer and should be reported to a physician.

Women who experience vaginal bleeding after engaging in sexual activity, douching, or having a pelvic exam may also be at risk for cervical cancer. Although these activities may sometime result in a healthy cervix bleeding slightly, it is best to have such symptoms checked immediately by a medical professional.

When scheduling an appointment with a physician, it is best to be very specific about the symptoms that have been occurring. Keep a journal of the symptoms, when they occur, how often and how severe they are. Be ready with this type of information when calling the doctor’s office. With such specific information, the doctor and the doctor’s staff can better decide whether an appointment should be scheduled on an emergency basis.

The doctor’s appointment will probably consist of a Pap test to check for any abnormal cell development. The doctor may want to go on from there with further tests, such as a biopsy. Other tests may be scheduled to look for cancerous or precancerous cells.

Once a definitive diagnosis has been reached, cervical cancer may be treated by a hysterectomy, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy. Some treatments will consist of a combination of these approaches. It is at this point that many cervical cancer patients seek the help and support of others who are living with the same disease. Their support can be invaluable as the cancer patient battles to relieve the symptoms of cervical cancer and defeat the disease.

Cervical cancer is the result of a virus that is spread through sexual contact. Women can lessen their risk of getting cervical cancer by practicing safer sex and limiting their number of sexual partners. Women who are not yet 26 years of age should inquire with their physicians regarding the HPV shot, which is a vaccine that can protect against cervical cancer.

The symptoms of cervical cancer can be frightening, but with information and regular medical examinations, it is an eminently treatable disease, one which many women can survive. Knowing the symptoms of cervical cancer and having them looked into by a medical professional are helpful ways to catch this disease in its early stages.

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