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Training Dog Collars - Training Dog Collars for Any Man's Best Friend

electric shock dog’s tone

Unfortunately, one will rarely encounter a dog that is perfectly obedient by nature. Although most dogs are more than willing to try to meet their masters’ demands, dogs simply do not understand human demands such as refraining from excessive noise and complying with leash training, until the human has taught the dog exactly what these demands mean and entail. But one does not need to attend a pricey dog obedience school in order to train his or her dog to be a well-respected canine citizen. With the right equipment, such as training dog collars, any dog owner can teach his or her pet how to correctly behave in human society.

There are a number of different training dog collars that can be used to teach a dog what is right and what is wrong. Perhaps the simplest choice would be a choke collar. Choke collars consist of a metal chain fashioned into a ring, which is attached to the owner’s leash. When the dog pulls too far away from the leash, or when the owner tries to reinforce a point by giving the leash a quick tug, the ring is pulled tighter, effectively restricting the dog’s throat and causing it to halt its activity immediately. Choke collars are very inexpensive (they can be purchased for around three to five dollars at most retailers) and their metal chains will never break. However, these training dog collars have been condemned as inhumane by many, and most dog owners tend to opt for a more gentle collar.

Another common type of training dog collar is the muzzle collar. Muzzle collars consist of a thick, durable fabric which arches around the dog’s neck and jaw. This enables the owner to control the dog’s entire head, encouraging complete obedience. Additionally, because the dog’s muzzle is held closed by the muzzle collar, the dog is taught to refrain from barking on walks or jogs. Many dog owners favor these training dog collars because they give the leash holder so much control over the dog’s direction. However, some dog owners feel that muzzle collars place too much restriction on the dog (the dog cannot even turn its head), especially if the dog is relatively quiet to begin with.

Training dog collars that utilize electric shock to discourage certain behaviors have been around for years. They are probably the most denounced training dog collars by animal rights activists, as numerous people assert that the punishment these collars provide is obscenely inhumane. These training dog collars are regulated using a remote control. When the dog performs an undesired action or displays incorrect behavior, the owner presses a button on the remote control which delivers a shock to the dog’s neck. Owners who choose electric shock collars must ensure that they use its features sparingly. Especially with more powerful collars, excessive shocking could harm the dog both physically and emotionally. Punishment by electric shock should be compounded with positive reinforcement, such as praise and treats when the dog behaves correctly. Most often, training dog collars that utilize electric shock correction are reserved for especially disobedient or dangerous dogs that could not be trained using more orthodox methods.

Finally, some training dog collars use tone training methods to teach the dog right from wrong. Tone training dog collars are very similar to electric shock collars. When the dog misbehaves, the owner presses a button on his or her remote control, and the collar emits a high-pitched tone that is audible only to dogs. Rather than possibly injuring the dog with an electric shock, this tone serves to simply startle the dog and inform it that its behavior is undesirable. When non-electric collars such as traditional collars, choke chains, and muzzle collars are not effective, many people choose tone training dog collars as a safe and humane alternative to electric shock collars. However, tone training dog collars are by far the most expensive type of collars on the market, costing over one hundred dollars at most retailers.

With all the different types of training dog collars available today, all dog owners are sure to find something that is suitable for their pet’s obedience education. Training dog collars will help any canine learn how to be an obedient man’s-best-friend.

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