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Super Nintendo Systems - Why Super Nintendo Systems Have Survived So Long

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Twenty years ago, Nintendo released their answer to the Sega Genesis game console and the Super Nintendo quickly dominated the 16-bit gaming world. Now, twenty years later when 16-bit game consoles have long since been obsolete, the Super Nintendo system still has a home in the hearts of millions of gamers. The continuing popularity of this dinosaur is a phenomenon to some people while other people are not in the least bit surprised.

The Super Nintendo system was released in Japan in 1990, and later released in North America in 1991. Nintendo had been reluctant in designing the Super Nintendo due to the fact that their previous console, the Nintendo Entertainment System had been holding up against its 16-bit opponents despite being a 8-bit system. However, the Sega Genesis had begun to compete with Nintendo’s original game console and a better system was required in order to stay competitive.

Super Nintendo systems invaded the global market and a vicious war kicked off between Nintendo and Sega as the Super Nintendo matched up pound for pound with the Sega Genesis. The war raged on for half a decade with Nintendo emerging the victor as Sega eventually faded away into obscurity. Sega would make several attempts to return to the gaming scene, but Nintendo’s main competition would no longer be from Sega.

Despite the release of the Nintendo 64 console in 1996 and the Game Cube after that, Super Nintendo systems remained much more popular to older gamers than the replacements systems would be. The 16-bit system held up against 32-bit competitors in the same manner the 8-bit NES had tackled 16-bit competition for so long, but the 64-bit Nintendo 64 did not fill the big shoes that the Super Nintendo had worn.

The Nintendo 64 did not live up to its Compact Disc based competitors such as the Playstation due to a limited texture cache and storage limitations that were the result of using a cartridge instead of a disc. As a result, the high production cost and limitations of the console allowed the competition the opportunity to make their way into many gamers homes. The Game Cube was Nintendo’s attempt to reverse their poor design decisions on the Nintendo 64. However, the Game Cube, like the Nintendo 64, did not make nearly as many waves in the console world as the Super Nintendo.

Despite Sega’s release of the Saturn and later on, the Dreamcast, Sony and Microsoft would become the newest threats to Nintendo with the Playstation by Sony, and the X-Box by Microsoft later on. Nintendo almost met the same fate as Sega as they watched Playstation and X-Box take over, but the release of the Wii along with the undying support of retro gamers and Super Nintendo systems fanatics has kept the Nintendo legacy alive.

Super Nintendo systems are still in high demand at used game stores and among game console collectors. The games themselves have become collectibles while the consoles are harder to find in good condition. The majority of the gamers that played the Super Nintendo while they were children have now grown up and the console holds a place in their hearts for the very reason that it was the first game console they ever played on.

Many older gamers also remember the fierce console war between Sega and Nintendo, but most of them just really love the older, simpler games from that different period in gaming history. Name recognition could play a part in it due to the market dominance that Nintendo exhibited for so long, but others subscribe to a different theory. Perhaps the Super Nintendo brings back a piece of their youth and our children will revive the consoles that they play now in their future. Only time will tell.

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