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Citizenship Application Form - How to fill out a citizenship application form

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Despite poor economic conditions in the country, the United States still maintains a reputation as being the land of opportunity for millions of people. While the country can be an excellent place to build a life, actually becoming a citizen of the United States can be a difficult and complicated process. To become a citizen of the United States, all applicants will need to obtain and fill out a citizenship application form.

The first step in applying for citizenship in the United States is to obtain the proper form. To formerly apply for US citizenship, you will need two copies of the citizenship application form, which is form N-400. While the basic form is written in English, forms with instructions in different languages can be found. If a form in the applicant’s language is not available, they could have a friend of family member prepare it for them. However, the preparer will need to identify themselves on the form and execute the form prior to submission.

To fill out the form properly, the applicant will need to fill out 10 different sections of the form. Part 1 of the form will ask the applicant to fill in their name and home address. It will also offer the applicant the opportunity to legally change their name. This new name that is selected will appear on all of the applicant’s legal United States documents. The second part of the application will ask the applicant to give their age. In order to apply for citizenship, the applicant will need to be at least 18 years old.

The third, fourth, and fifth part of the application will ask the applicant to give much of their vital information, which will be printed on many documents, such as passports, ID cards, and drivers licenses. Some of this information will include the applicant’s social security number (if available), email address and telephone number, and sex, weight, height, and eye color.

Parts six and seven of the application address where the applicant has been in recent history. This will ask the applicant to identify where they have worked or gone to school in the past five years. They will also have to address all vacations, or 24 or more hours in length, that they have taken over the past 5 years. Since much of this information is used for purposes of national security, it may need to be confirmed through submissions of a passport.

Parts eight, nine, and ten ask the applicant more about their family. This will include the applicant’s marital status and children that they have. If the applicant is hoping to get citizenship for their spouse and children they will have to fill out additional forms for each dependent.

Once the application is complete it needs to be submitted for analysis. The office that receives your application will normally be able to respond to your application within 30 to 60 days. If the application is denied, the applicant should be given a reason for denial. If the applicant feels their denial was not justified, they could either appeal the denial or re-submit the application.

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