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Flatbed Film Scanner - Things to consider when buying a flatbed film scanner

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A flatbed film scanner is essentially a color scanner that scans images and documents via a flatbed and has the capability of scanning film negatives in high quality. There are a wide variety of flatbed film scanners available for purchase in stores and on the internet, and if you have not previously gone shopping for a flatbed film scanner or for a scanner in general you might become overwhelmed at the seemingly limitless array of products to choose from. This guide will provide you with information on things to consider when buying a flatbed film scanner so you can get the most value for your money without breaking your bank account.

One of the most important things to consider when buying a flatbed film scanner is the maximum resolution at which the scanner is capable of scanning. This is typically measured in dots per inch of resolution, and the higher the dpi resolution, the more detail you will be able to capture in your scans. This is particularly advantageous when you are interested in producing large prints from your film negative scans, as the more detail you capture through a scan, the larger the eventual image you can print out for a variety of purposes. A good example of resolution you might want from a high quality flatbed film scanner is 4800 × 9600 dpi, which is a high amount offered from scanners that remain affordable for consumers. You will also want the maximum amount of color depth and possible million colors that can be captured by the scanner, as this will increase the degree to which the images scanned by the scanner seem lifelike. A good benchmark for color depth is 48 bit color depth and such color depth will typically come with the possibility of more than 280 possible theoretical colors.

Another one of the most important things to consider when buying a flatbed film scanner is the maximum number of film negative frames that can be scanned at a single time by the scanner and the number of film format sizes the scanner is capable of dealing with. The more versatile your scanner, the more types of film and the more frames you can deal with at once, which increases your productivity. However, more versatile scanners are going to cost more money in the same way that scanners capable of scanning at higher resolutions will also cost you more money. A good flatbed film scanner will enable you to batch scan dozens of 35 mm sized negative frames at a time, and a versatile flatbed film scanner will allow you to scan film formats up to at least 4 × 5 inches. You will also want a scanner that lets you scan both transparencies and negatives for added versatility in your film capture.

Another one of the most important things to consider when buying a flatbed film scanner is the number and quality of connection options offered by the scanner to transfer images and scans from the scanner to your computer or to other sources. Most flatbed film scanners will make use of either USB or firewire transfer technologies. Some of the more expensive scanners will come with both. USB connections are theoretically faster than Firewire connections but Firewire connections are more likely to offer consistent transfer rates. FIrewire connections will be more useful if you plan to use a Mac, while USB interfaces are standard on both Mac and PC computers. At a minimum, if your scanner makes use of USB technology it should have at least a USB 2.0 connection. In the coming months and years more scanners will begin to ship with USB 3.0 technology which is several times faster than USB 2.0 technology. You will want the fastest transfer rates possible. It is particularly important to have fast transfer rates when dealing with large files, as they can take a long time to transfer if you are using a slower medium of connection. Something you will also want to consider is the length of time it takes previews to become available once scans are completed. The higher the quality of the scanner, the less time it will take for previews to become available.

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