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White Gold Bands - White Gold Bands: They're Not Just for Marriage Anymore

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History does not record for us when humans first started wearing rings, but it is a good surmise that the band design is the oldest form of finger jewelry. It is certainly the most classic shape of ring. Couples getting married exchange bands, as they have for millenia. Bands with birthstones attached are given to women, to symbolize children and grandchildren. Members of fraternal organizations wear symbolic rings, and women are given “eternity” bands surrounded with diamonds to celebrate marriage milestones.

As to the color of gold bands, the most popular is yellow gold. However, in recent years white gold bands are worn by more and more people. The color preferences of precious metals is purely subjective and personal to the wearer. The simple fact is that, when given a choice between white and yellow gold bands, many people choose the white, icy pure hue of a white gold band.

All gold starts out as a yellowish color. Gold is a very soft metal that needs other metals, called alloys, mixed in to harden it. This gives it the hardness it needs so it can be worked with, in jewelry as well as other precious metal crafts.

Both yellow and white gold contain at least a small amount of silver. Yellow gold is made by adding copper. To make white gold, metals such as the aforementioned silver as well as palladium are mixed into the pure gold element. Nickel used to be a traditional alloy, but people can be allergic to this metal and develop skin rashes, so the alloy is being phased out by most jewelers and workers in precious metals.

The natural color of white gold is grey, and so usually it will be coated with rhodium to whiten and brighten up the metal. Platinum can also be used, but it is usually prohibitively expensive at twice the price of white gold, and so is rarely used.

So much for the science part; let’s talk jewelry, and white gold bands in particular. To many people’s way of thinking, The look of white gold is more subtle and beautiful in jewelry. To be sure, a nice tan accented with shiny white gold can look absolutely stunning. Precious gemstones are enhanced in white gold, rather than upstaged by yellow. Yellow gold can look brassy and even cheap, but the same can never be said about the white gold that seems to radiate its own moon glow.

White gold bands have more uses than just being beautiful, though. Women travel by themselves more than ever before, and many find that slipping a pretty white gold band on the ring finger of the left hand cuts down on being hit on by strange men in unknown places.

This works for the men as well. Men who work in the entertainment fields, for example, can be surrounded by women during their working hours. Displaying a white gold band prominently is a much kinder way to fend off the opposite sex.
The band is a symbol that everyone understands, that is why a little white gold lie works so well.

That doesn’t mean that a white gold band necessarily has to have anything to do with matrimony. White gold bands, due to their ancient history, are showing up in the newest jewelry sensations, which happen to be styles such as Celtic, Asian, Wiccan and Aboriginal. All of these jewelry elements have worked together in white metal for thousands of years, so it’s no surprise that they are being brought together again.

Gemstones are also in vogue once again, such as lapis lazuli, turquoise, amber, onyx and others that have been worn for thousands of years, and they are being set into white gold bands. Even carved bone is finding a home in white gold bands.

With alloys to make the metal stronger, white gold bands look good for years, keep their shape, resist scratching, and never tarnish. Let’s face it, a white gold band is simply nice to wear. It is comfortable on the finger and comforting to the soul, to have part of the body encircled by a precious element. That is why, as a fashion, it keeps reoccurring as time goes by.

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