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Thermometer Indoor Outdoor - Finding a Good Indoor and Outdoor Thermometer

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Stay in touch with nature when you get a thermometer for indoor and outdoor use. No need to squint through the window trying to see the mercury in the morning. With a wireless indoor/outdoor thermometer, you will be able to tell if you can wear your flip-flops or if you should go for the long johns, without having to stagger out on the porch.

A state of the art thermometer (indoor and outdoor) will have plenty of features to meet your other needs as well. Almost essential for any wireless unit, you want a clock display. If this suits what you are looking for, find an easy to read unit that you can hang on your wall or set on a shelf. You should be able to see the numbers for the time and temperature easily with out having to climb a chair. Cheaper clock models can be too small to see well and may not keep accurate time without atomic regulation.

Find a thermometer for indoor outdoor use that also serves other purposes. You can tell the moon phase on some consoles and even read the month and day to keep you in touch with your schedule. If you admit to being weather addict or you just like gizmos, buy a unit that measures barometer pressure and humidity. Choose a frame that matches your taste from glass and chrome to birds-eye maple.

Watch out for the cheaper indoor/outdoor thermometer models that end up costing you more in the long run. You want an outside sensor that will not eat batteries. The wall unit will probably run on batteries as well, so be sure it will not have to be changed every couple weeks or you will hate the thing. Rechargeable batteries may be a good choice to help cut down the cost of maintaining the unit (and polluting our environment).

Find a good place to set out the display unit and sensor. The indoor unit should be near your coffee pot or wherever you rub your eyes open in the morning, so you can check it first thing. The sensor should not be hung just anywhere outside. Put it away from direct wind or sunshine. You might need to mount it up high in your covered porch or carport. Wind, rain, and sun will only skew the reading this wireless sensor sends to your display unit inside.

You will be so happy with the convenience of your thermometer both for indoor and outdoor use you will want everyone to have one. Consider an indoor/outdoor thermometer as the perfect gift for friends and family members. Some may want a model with a radio. Others may want the whole works with wind speed indicators, heat index indicator, and maybe even a weather forecast. Whatever you buy, make sure it is a brand the manufacturer will stand behind with a good warranty.

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