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Stanley Bostitch Stapler - The advantages of a Stanley Bostitch Stapler

paper office staplers thick

If you are in a business or small office situation, sooner or later you will probably find yourself having to staple documents for work purposes. If you are in an office with a variety of people working on papers and essential documents, you might have several people clamoring for the stapler at the same time. In such situations, you will probably want to purchase multiple staplers so you can reduce office tensions and increase office productivity. The right stapler can make the difference between getting a lot of documents taken care of with efficiency and having a lot of frustration because you don’t have a tool capable of getting the job done. This is often the case when dealing with standard desktop staplers that offer minimal stapling capacities and which are prone to breakdowns and frequently in need of repair or replacement.

It is common in office settings to have large stacks of paper to deal with, and even in small offices you might have stacks of paper that are a quarter of an inch or more thick to stack, combine, sort, and staple. In such situations many offices try at first to deal with paper combining needs by using paper clips of various shapes and sizes when keeping documents together is a priority. However, while paper clips can be advantageous in certain situations, they also come with numerous limitations, and are generally not recommended in business settings when there is a need to store documents for long periods of time. After research of the pros and cons of various paper assembly options most people decide to work with staplers. It is at this point that they discover that standard desktop staplers may not provide the quality and capacity they require for their business needs. This is where the Stanley Bostitch stapler can show its numerous advantages, some of which will be discussed in this article to help you with the evaluative process when next you find yourself in need of a heavy duty stapler for your office and work needs.

The primary advantage of a Stanley Bostitch stapler lies in its heavy duty stapling capacity. While regular staplers will tend to choke out when you outfit them with anything beyond the standard one quarter inch thick stapler format, a Stanley Bostitch stapler will be capable of handling staples that are up to five eighths of an inch thick. While you will need to plan for a greater amount of storage space for the larger staple boxes that come with larger gauge staples, the benefits of being able to use larger staples far outweigh the disadvantages of having to make room for them. It is a good idea to match the thickness of the staple to the thickness of the stack of paper you plan to staple, however, especially when you are dealing with shorter stacks of paper. The problem with using staplers that are too thick is that they may lead to problems in stacking papers, and there is also the slight risk of a poking hazard if the ends of a large gauge staple poke through the papers they were originally designed to staple.

Another advantage of a Stanley Bostitch stapler is in the long lever arm that such staplers come with. The lever arm is the top part of a stapler that you press down on when you are trying to staple sheets of papers together. The longer the lever arm of a stapler, the easier it is to staple large and thick stacks of paper because the longer lever arm offers a greater mechanical advantage and allows you to apply more torque to the stapling motion. This is why it is easier to staple a few sheets of paper together with a desktop stapler than it is to do the same job with a pocket or a mini stapler. You can use a typical Stanley Bostitch stapler to staple stacks of paper that are up to three eighths of an inch thick, which is more than enough for many office applications. you might have difficulty as you approach half an inch of thickness with such a stapler, but for smaller jobs, it will get things done.

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