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Wood Craft Supplies - The Large Variety of Wood Craft Supplies Available for Your Projects

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When it comes to creating craft projects there are a number of items that require the use of wood parts. You can find wood craft supplies available at any craft store as well as at some hobby and woodworking outlets. These items are available in a number of different shapes to help a crafter complete the project they are working on. The wood dowel is the most common piece used for projects. This is available in several lengths and a few different thicknesses. The dowel is used to help build some projects or as a holder for items such as fabric tapestries.

Another item used for home projects is the spindle. This can be used as part of a chair in a woodworking project or as a decorative addition to a bed frame. Wood finials are also used in creating different types of furniture items. There are also a number of different sized wooden pegs that can be incorporated into other furniture items for the do-it-yourself craftsman. Most of these small products will be sold in packages containing twelve pieces. The price will depend on the size of the product, with a three and a half inch shaker peg package of twelve priced around $2.40 and a package of twelve, one and a half inch dowels priced at $1.50. In the category of supplies for wood crafts you will find small items that can be combined to create various types of wooden toys. Among these items are the wheels used to move a toy car or train as well as several larger body sections.

For people who enjoy decorating as their craft hobby, there are some finished products that can be enhanced by painting or with decoupage. The wood products will include many styles of plaques in all sizes and shapes. These are usually plain unfinished wood pieces that have the edges smoothed and sanded. These plaques are designed to be enhanced with various images and colors to create unique one-of-a-kind wall decorations. They can also be used in combination with woodburning tools to create burned-in design. The larger plaques can be used as outdoor signs when the proper stain and waterproof applications have been applied. An unfinished wood plaque created from pine measuring twenty inches by three and a half inches will cost about $4.75.

The supplies for wood crafts are vast and allow people to create their own handmade items with a personal touch. In addition to the traditional household projects people can use the wood supplies for, there are seasonal products available as well. Many craft stores will carry complete kits that allow you to make decorative seasonal items using wood products. The various stores that carry these supplies will also have tools and hardware items you can use with your woodcraft projects. Some basic hardware items will include hinges, screws, hooks and hangers you can attach to complete the project you are making.

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