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Falls Church Property - A Buyer's Market in Falls Church

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With the current economical down trend, many people are searching for ways to make every purchase count. Although many people are experiencing stressful financial times, opportunities may be beckoning for those whom can afford such investments. Those that are just out of college and have landed a new job may be in the market for a new home just as those who have remained stable may be looking to up-grade during this buyer’s market. Falls Church,Virginia, is one of many places where job outlooks seem to be on the rise while real estate prices are still at all time lows. Considering that home prices have dropped dramatically over the last two years and mortgage rates are at record levels, many people are taking advantage of this situation by purchasing their first home, up-grading to a larger home, or searching for the dream home that he or she has always wanted. By doing some research and comparing prices in and around the Falls Church area, one should easily find a home that he or she can be comfortable in at an affordable price.
Small Homes
For those who have just graduated college and are in the market for a starter home, there are many homes in Falls Church of the one and two bedroom varieties. These smaller homes are great for the single professional or even small three person families as they offer enough room that gives the home a cozy feel while still offering an affordable price that will eventually increase as home prices rise. One should not overlook the purchase of condominium on Roosevelt Street that usually fall into the 1000 square foot range. These homes may feature two to three bedrooms with carpet or hardwood floors and with a shared bathroom. Kitchens are normally spacious and up-to-date with brand new counter tops and linoleum floors with stainless steel sinks. Also, the average condo features a community swimming pool, fitness center, and playground for the kids. These condos are located near numerous commercial districts that feature great shopping as well as five star dining. At just over $150,000, these homes are considered a steal in the Falls Church area.
Mid Sized and Three Bedroom Homes
For those that are looking to up-grade their home and can afford a larger payment, he or she may be interested in one of the many Falls Church homes on Lincoln Avenue. The exterior of these homes are either vinyl siding or constructed of red brick that will last forever with little upkeep. The interior of the home may be up to 1500 square feet spanning over three bedrooms and two baths. This would be two bedrooms for the children, which share one bath while the master bedroom sometimes has its own bath and is substantially larger than the other two bedrooms. Bathrooms normally have tile throughout with contemporary appliances and hardware. The kitchens feature brand new Formica counter tops as well as a large ceramic or stainless steel kitchen sink. There are wall to wall cabinets that will hold all of the snacks for yourself as well as the kids, and there is sometimes even enough room for a small wine rack or cooler. The kitchen appliances are normally up-to-date, which makes for less energy use and a contemporary feel. These homes are perfect for the three to five person family that wants a bit more room than offered with traditional Falls Church condos and town homes.
Luxury Homes
Falls Church has long been an economical mecca for those in the financial and political arena so there is no doubt that some of the nicest homes in the country reside in this area. For instance, some homes on Washington Street feature over 5000 square feet of luxury living with up to five bedrooms and five baths for homeowners and guests. The flooring is normally all hardwood with the exception of the kitchen and bathroom which may be ceramic or porcelain tiles. The bathrooms and kitchens usually have all granite counter tops, which illuminate the luxurious feel that has been built into these large Falls Church homes. These houses usually sit on a one-half acre lot that allows enough room for kids to play and holiday gatherings such as outdoor barbecues for Labor Day and Independence Day. With so many options in the Falls Church area, one is sure to find something that meets his or her needs.

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