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Brass Towel Bar - Brass Towel Bar Adds Touch of Elegance

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When considering bathroom, kitchen, or bar fixtures when building or remodeling, be sure to give brass a good look. This simple brass towel bar can really add a touch of noticeable elegance to just about any room or space. The look of brass is one of lasting resilience and class usually found in some of the finer hotels, bars, and restaurants throughout the world. Long used because of it’s lasting durability and resistance to damaging oxidation and decay, brass has always been a sought after material for anyplace that tends to be wet or moist.

A single, simple brass towel bar added to an existing bathroom or kitchen adds an instant look of class. Antique brass towel bars, usually a bit darker from real or simulated patina, also add a bit of that old-world, yesteryear nostalgia to a room. Be sure to take all types and style of brass towel bar into consideration before deciding on that final look you’re after. It’s important that all the fixtures have a consistent look and style that complements the surrounding interior design.

Various Types of Brass Towel Bars for Various Uses

The right brass towel bar can make or break the overall look and feel of a room, especially a bathroom. Make sure you select bras fixtures that complement or closely match any other brass fixtures in the room. Consider the different, specific uses for a brass towel bar when used in certain areas. A brass towel bar that is positioned close to the shower area should be securely anchored with enough strength to hold at least two large, possibly wet towels.

You may want to consider two separate brass towel bars positioned next to one another or even one on top of the other. Multiple brass towel racks are also available in some styles. Wall space and positioning are key when considering the position of towel bars.

There are literally hundreds of different designs, styles, colors, patinas, and textures available when selecting brass fixtures. Make sure the large shower brass towel bar you select will also match the smaller hand towel brass towel bars near the sink. The brass fixtures throughout the entire room should match or complement one another either in style or color. Mixing and matching different types of towel bars and other bathroom fixtures tends to present a rather disorderly and jumbled look.

Brass towel racks tend to be heavier than typical aluminum, nickel-plated, or other cheaply made towel racks. Add to this extra weight a heavy, wet towel or two and you’ve got the recipe for a disaster on your bathroom or kitchen walls. It is important to remember when installing a heavier brass towel rack to properly prepare the wall or surface to support the additional weight and stress. In areas where water and moisture are present, walls can become affected by this moisture and weakened. A heavy brass towel rack will only make this situation worse unless properly installed and attached to interior wall studs when possible.

Whether a brass towel rack is large enough to handle heavy, wet towels, or small enough to handle a simple hand towel next to the sink, brass towel racks add a touch of class to just about any decor. A brass towel rack functions as an important, part of any bathroom, kitchen, or even bar by ensuring a proper gap between a hanging wet towel and the wall. This keeps moisture from staining walls as well as preventing mold and mildew from collecting and growing. Brass towel bars are an important functional and decorative component in any decor.

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