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Genie Door Opener - For Safety And Security A Genie Door Opener Is The Perfect Choice

drive garage excelerator system

A Genie door opener is one of the most recognized names in the industry, offering a quality product that is not only reliable, but affordable as well. They are most noted for building top rated products and don’t have the normal amount of noise that is typically associated with a device such as this. The newest technology has always been a part of the Genie line, with the latest innovation being the Intellicode system that prevents unwanted persons from entering the garage. They have a variety of models, so there is the likelihood that one of these will be the perfect fit for any type of garage.

The Direct Lift Screw Drive or Direct Lift Plus Screw Drive Model has a number of advanced features that many consumers will love. These include solid fasteners for added strength, a one-half horse motor that drives the lifting mechanism, the patented "Safe T-Beam system that will keep the door from closing when there is an obstruction, and the typical long lasting construction that is built into all of their openers. And now this company has also included a remote control device that also contains a wireless keypad and flashlight integrated into one small unit. The Genie door opener now has Intellicode technology which changes each time the door is opened so the chance of somebody capturing the right sequence of numbers to open the door are minimized.

Another great Genie door opener is the PowerLift Excelerator and the PowerLift Plus Excelerator. Both of these units have a number of great features that consumers will find helpful for securing their garage doors. The first is the aforementioned Genie Intellicode system which automatically updates the access code each time the door is accessed. There are also several other benefits that potential buyers will find most useful, and they include the following: the door will open and close twice as fast as the base model; it can also open a larger door using a 1/2 horse power DC motor and it has two 60 watt bulbs that are also wide angle in design to illuminate the entire garage. Ambient temperature also has no effect on this unit whatsoever.

The PowerLift Plus Excelerator Genie garage opener has all of the features of the base model and some extras like a direct drive motor so lifting larger, heavier doors is easier than ever; solid steel construction; 120 watts of illumination; the proprietary Safe T-Beam system which prevents the door from closing on something that is in the way, and fewer moving parts. Additionally there is the QuietLift Belt Drive model from Genie to consider as an additional alternative. It is one of the most popular items in the line of this company and offers a very quiet and smooth operation. There is still the 1/2 horse power motor with this unit as well. It is belt driven which is different from the normal chain drive or screw drive typical of Genie. The Safe T-Beam system is also included to make sure that any obstruction in the way of closing the door won’t cause any harm. The Intellicode software that is a part of the system will keep the access code safe and known only to the homeowner. This safety feature keeps any unauthorized visitors from entering the garage area.

While all of the different choices are great, it may be overwhelming to some folks who weren’t expecting such vast array. Since security is quite a large factor these days, the DirectLift Plus Screw Drive, PowerLift Plus Excelerator, PowerLIft Excelerator and the QuietLift Belt Drive models of Genie garage openers are all great choices. This is due to the fact that they all contain the aforementioned Intellicode technology that is proprietary to the Genie company and is one of the most secure methods of security that is employed in this industry. While this is very important to many consumers, there are others who favor the PowerLift Excelerator or QuietLift Belt Drive models because of their nearly silent operating capacity.

All of these models contain many great features that are of great interest to individuals in need of a Genie door opener. The best choice will take in a lot of factors and depend on the individual’s situation and needs.

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