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Cuba Vacation Packages - Cuban Vacation Packages for All Interests and Budgets

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Who would ever want to go to Cuba for a vacation? Well, last year over 1.5 million tourists bought Cuba vacation packages and dropped in to this lovely little country to enjoy the sun, the beach, the people, and the relaxed culture that exists in Cuba today. As many as 100,000 Americans also vacationed here, although they did not fly down from the United States directly. While the policy may soon be changing, at this time, US citizens wishing to visit Cuba straight from this country must apply for and receive a license to spend money issued by the Department of the Treasury. Categories for approval are limited and a winter vacation is not one of them. However, where there is a will, there is a way.

The fact that Cubans welcome visitors to their very, very safe country has been appealing to Canadians and Europeans for the last 40 years. Cuba vacation packages often include airfare and transfer from airport to hotel to make connections easy and less stressful. While many tourists are happy to purchase all-inclusive packages that include airfare, hotel, food, and activities, it is always possible to add other opportunities once vacationers feel more comfortable traveling around the island.

Cuba vacation packages cater to both adults wanting a romantic get-away and parents with children to be entertained. At Tryp Penninsula Varadero, a host of children’s activities can be purchased as part of the all-inclusive package. On the other hand, at Sandals Princesa del Mar or Melia Cayo Coco, couples only can enjoy the luxury and ambiance as they celebrate a honeymoon, anniversary, or just a romantic vacation.

For those interested in purchasing a Cuba vacation package, the price ranges vary from really inexpensive to more costly, depending on whether airfare is included, the rating of the hotel or resort and the activities and extras that are included. Since the 2 and 3 star hotels tend to be older and government-run, first-time tourists often choose the 4 and 5 star name brand hotels where they know what to expect in the quality of accommodations. That is not to say that some lesser hotels are not also charming, but they may not meet the expectations of those unfamiliar with Cuban standards of hostelry.

By world standards, Cuba is one of the safest locations to visit by day or by night. Whether on the beaches, on the streets, or in the hotels, crime is very, very low. Night life is restricted to the larger hotel properties, however, so if partying is important, that’s where the action can be found. Older cities such as Havana and Santiago del Cuba offer lovely restored architecture, daily craft markets, and live entertainment. The local people are warm and friendly and exceptionally polite. Natural parks and reserves are breath-taking in their scenic beauty.

Probably the majority of tourists who use Cuba vacation packages come for the sun, the beach, and the water sports. Snorkeling or scuba diving on the incredible reefs that surround this island make for incredible adventures. Of course, yachting and sailing are favorite past-times, as are both salt-water and fresh-water fishing. By staying at one of the luxurious beach resorts, tourists can enjoy the endless miles of un-crowded beaches. Nothing helps one forget the snow and ice and cold winter weather like a few days spent relaxing in the sun, feeling the gentle, warm, ocean breezes, and listening to the lull of the ocean surf.

For Americans wishing to enjoy a Cuba vacation package, the easiest and safest route is through Canada (Vancouver and Toronto), Mexico, or Jamaica. Cash is the order of the day because US plastic is not accepted anywhere in Cuba. It’s probably wise to bring a personal first aid kit as well as any personal medications in their original containers. Travel insurance is now also mandatory. By choosing an all inclusive vacation package, travel agents can help with all the necessary legalities.

Whether for the sun, sand, and surf or for the luxury resorts or the cultural experience, there is definitely more than one reason to consider a Cuba vacation package. Where will you be when winter days grow long and dreary? Cuba welcomes and waits.

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