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Serial To Usb Cable

system operating adaptor windows

With the advancement of new technology, computer systems are becoming faster and faster, with the ability to communicate through new types of cables being a primary reason why protocols have to be constantly updated. Older devices primarily employ a methodology using either an RS232 or RS485 serial cable which sent data one bit at a time. However, these days a USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable is used to send the same data a whole lot faster, making it easier for users to download or copy information.

This is fine when two machines are approximately the same age, but when dissimilar devices are being used, there is a problem since the divergence in technologies makes it impossible to transfer data between them without some kind of adaptor to make this happen.

This choice has to be a USB to RS232 or USB to RS485 type in order to make this work properly. However, the proper protocol also has to be employed as well; otherwise the communication won’t work either. The truth is that these adaptors are not universal and won’t work with just any computer or operating system.

That is why it is so important to get a USB to Serial adaptor that is specific to the application that is needed. There are models now available online that are very reasonably priced starting as low as $9.95. While this price sounds very attractive to most consumers, there are potential drawbacks due to the fact that unless the computer and secondary device are of the same variety as the adaptor cable, it will not work on either end and the communication will not take place. This is mainly due to the electronics that are built into the adaptor, which are of the lower grade and don’t hold as much information in them. Thus the compatibility is also limited for a great majority of the popular devices that are popular with the Windows operating system that has become something of an industry standard.

There are a great many things that have to be right in order for a device to be able to properly communicate with the Windows operating system whether that is XP, Vista, or 7, and it depends on the drivers available, components that are installed and whether the bios versions are of the right type as well.

For earlier versions of the Windows software programs such as ’98, 2000, and XP, there is usually no problem with the drivers, but when the operating systems become slightly more advanced — such as with Vista and 7, there are issues with the system.

The latest Windows operating systems are higher quality with more drivers and supporting software needed to run them properly, which makes the low cost adaptor cable a bad choice due to the poorly programmed computer chip that resides within. That is what makes this a poor choice, and it is also the reason that there are many errors encountered when trying to make this connection work for transferring data. Some of the related issues include: crashing, freezing, problems with drivers, inability to connect a device, invalid debug drivers, and inability to establish a COM port.

The question then becomes how to find the proper cable that will work with the system in question and will function properly with the device that needs to be linked up with it. This could be a Windows system (’98, 2000 et al) or possibly a Macintosh or even a Linux. For the earlier Windows operating systems such as ’98, 2000, and XP, there is the possibility that a low cost adaptor may be just the item to use, but for Vista, 7, or Macintosh; it is more than likely a more expensive model will have to be purchased to transfer any data between the peripheral device and the computer system. If the processor inside the adaptor is known or can be found out, the chances of find one that will work is significantly upgraded. These are more than likely compatible with many more devices and will work with almost any operating system and include such companies as FTDI, Oxford Semiconductors and other makers who make a quality product and are highly reliable as well.

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