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Dual Cpu Motherboard - Dual CPU Motherboard Technologies

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The dual cpu motherboard is a powerful and advanced technology in the desktop computer field. It provides extreme satisfaction for the needs of advanced media industry. It handles multitasking very effectively by the individual processing technology. Maximum performance is delivered for games designed for multi-core processing. The faster processing needs of audio, video, graphics, animation works makes the dual cpu concept a necessary product.

As stated, the main applications for the dual cpu motherboard are in the fields of extreme gaming, graphical, video editing etc. These applications need more processing capacity enabling faster processing of data. Fields like Digital Image Processing (DIP), Digital Signal Processing (DSP) etc. demand vast and complicated mathematical and logical calculations to be performed. Usually multitasking processing consumes high power. But the leading motherboard manufacturers’ latest dual cpu motherboards consume little power compared to older motherboard technologies. Modern technologies like hafnium-induced circuitry technology are responsible for this kind of revolutionary product. This multiprocessing technology was mainly used by servers in the past. But now the dual cpu motherboards have reduced greatly in cost and are available to the common PC user.

Symmetric MultiProcessor (SMP) architecture is usually used for multiprocessor handling. In this hardware architecture, two processors are connected to the same main memory in shared concept. One operating system will be handling both the processors at the same time. But it should be programmed to support dual processor handling facility. Hardware like, buses or cross bar switches (cross bar switches are electronic switches which connect multiple input to multiple outputs) or even mesh networks are used for concatenating the two processors. Among these the mesh network has advantage over the other two methods. They consume much bandwidth and power for communication among processors, memory etc. The mesh network can give better performance with less bandwidth and power consumption. SMP can act as a balancing factor between the two processors. The workload is equally divided to each processor irrespective of the type of work.

SMP architecture is mainly used for computers having a maximum of 8 cores to handle. For more complex systems another hardware architecture is used called Non Uniform Memory Architecture (NUMA). In NUMA the memory access is held in different manner. Local memory is accessed much faster than the remote memory. Here the localization of memory is needed such that files used frequently are stored in local memory to increase its access speed. There are certain other architectures also used in more complex situations. They include Asymmetric multiprocessing, Computer clustered multiprocessing, etc. All these architectures are very complex in nature and are used in server based computers only for maximum performance.

Since the hardware architecture is different in dual cpu motherboards, programs should provide different coding for maximum compatibility. Programs written for the dual cpu motherboard cannot be used for uniprocessor motherboards. But the reverse is possible. Some programs written for uniprocessor architecture may work more effectively with the dual cpu motherboards architecture. This is mainly because of the decrease in the rate of hardware interrupt. An interrupt is a concept in which higher priority processes are given more priority in the list of processes. This may be done at the cost of processing time of the processor. However the compatibility issues will be resolved soon in the future because dual cpu motherboards are becoming common among desktop computer users.

The present situation heralds the arrival of advanced and complex hardware engineering and software programs which may have the capability to think more like the human brain as with artificially intelligent programs. The concept of virtual reality makes the fantasy a reality. All these future technologies demand faster and more accurate processing needs. The dual cpu motherboard can be considered as a stepping stone to reach those targets. So the limit of development of these technologies can be considered of great importance to manufactures looking to stay on the edge.

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