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Contact Lenses Halloween - The Intriguing and Creepy Contact Lenses Halloween Costumes can be Enhanced with

eye pupil designs black

In the field of beauty and cosmetic enhancements you will find several new and interesting items. The cosmetic contact lens is one of the newest designs created to enhance the wearer’s eye color. These colored lenses come in shades not naturally found for human eye colors. They are also available in many artistic and imaginative designs. There are a number of contact lenses halloween costumes can be enhanced with that use creative images in the lens. The spiderweb lens has an interesting web design set on a black background, which makes it very intriguing.

There are also costume lenses created as whole eye lenses in solid colors of red, black or white. These lenses completely cover your entire eye creating a strange otherworldly effect that can also creep out those who look at them. Many of the black lenses made in the larger lens design give the eye the appearance of an alien eye. The solid colored lenses can also be found in the smaller, traditional lens size that only covers the pupil and iris portions of the eye.

The larger whole eye lenses are available in some special character styles. You can wear a dragon’s eye lens that has the outer eye area created with green scales and the center area a red iris with a black pupil. Several designs use jagged teeth as the lens image with some of them holding a round pupil as though it was plucked from the eye. The whole eye lenses also come in an Egyptian Bahamut design fit for any snake charmer to wear. The lenses that completely cover the surface of an eye create a mystical and spooky look.

In the line of Halloween cosmetic lenses you will find some that have patterns on them. Some are created as hypnotic swirls to engage the onlooker into a trance. There are also designs that use the familiar markings found in feline eyes. These may have the outer edges of the iris in striped colors and the center pupil in a long slant. The lenses with slanted pupils are available in assorted solid colors as well to create a different type of appearance. Some contacts for Halloween will use red veins as the frightening image on the lens having them spike outward in jagged lines from the center pupil area.

Some Halloween special effect contact lenses are hand-painted products. Certain Halloween contact lenses can even be made into prescription lenses. Of course, prescription contact lenses will require extra time to create the lens according to the wearer’s specific prescription.

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