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14k White Gold Chain - Captured Moonlight: The 14kt White Gold Chain

chains color silver metal

Gold chains are one of the very most popular and versatile pieces of jewelry you can own. Gold, with it resistance to changes that would dim its beauty, such as oxidizing or tarnishing, symbolizes so many positive attributes across all cultures, indicating steadfastness, everlasting emotions, purity, and strength. Gold is always fashionable and in good taste, but sometimes the most common color of gold – yellow gold – clashes with coloring or clothing. Don’t give up wearing this elegant metal when you need a brilliant silvery-white hue: Choose a 14kt white gold chain to have the cool white look of platinum at a fraction of the cost, without giving up the meaningfulness of gold or its tarnish-free finish.

White gold is every bit as much real gold as the more typical rich yellow color we immediately recognize. By law, the world over, all 14kt gold, whether it is yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold, contains 58.5 percent pure gold. The color of the gold is determined by what other metals, or alloys, will be mixed with it to give it strength. If “pure gold” without adding in any other metal were to be used, the chain, ring, or other shape will quickly distort and be ruined. Gold must be combined with other metals to give it strength so that it can hold a shape for generations. The “other metals” determine the final color of the chain or jewelry piece. Rose gold gets its color by the 58.5% pure gold being combined with copper and other alloys. Yellow gold typically results from the pure gold being combined with zinc and occasionally some copper and other alloys. White gold usually gets it lovely bright color from being combined with silver, palladium, or a mixture of the two. White gold of any karat is almost always coated with rhodium, a metal similar to platinum, to make it appear even whiter and to add a layer of very hard protection.

To make fancy chains, the metal used must be strong enough to be made into links that won’t twist apart or break apart with normal wear, and 14kt gold is very strong. And, it can be brushed, incised, “diamond cut,” or hold almost any other surface treatment popular in the creation of unique jewelry, and can be made into links from tiny to bold. Fine jewelers use 14kt white gold when they wish to create heirloom, valuable chains that will last a lifetime and look stunning decade after decade. In fact, in terms of making chains, white gold is used preferentially by jewelers because it is so much lighter in weight than platinum. For the silver-white look, it is the preferred material in chains.

The nature of gold is to stay beautiful without polishing, and 14kt white gold maintains this wonderful quality. Sterling silver chains must be stored carefully and polished, and will darken or blacken quickly in most climates, especially when worn directly against the skin. But 14kt white gold chains stay bright and beautiful, and won’t darken when worn against the skin. To the eye, white gold easily rivals platinum in terms of appearing a gorgeous silver-white hue, yet it is much more affordable.

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