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Intercom Security Systems - Tips for installing intercom security systems

satellite person building intercoms

An intercom system is a communication system that allows you to contact other individuals within a building, room, or other indoor complex. Intercom security systems have become increasingly popular among people in recent years because they allow you to increase your levels of home or office security without spending an exorbitant amount of money. More and more apartment complexes these days install intercom security systems at the front door that require people visiting who do not have keys to the front door to “buzz in” and request entrance from the person or people they are visiting. Through doorbell intercom security systems, if you are a resident of an apartment or a building, you can speak to the person buzzing outside the building and verify their identity before allowing them inside the premises. This article will discuss some tips for installing and using intercom security systems so you can use yours to increase the safety of your building or residential area.

The first thing to consider with intercom security systems is that as a consumer, you have a wide variety of options to choose from. You can essentially divide the majority of intercom systems into systems that allow communication through voice or phone protocols and systems that include video to audio communication lines, enabling you to see the person you are speaking to (and be seen by them if the cameras are both turned on and installed in a two way line). A video intercom system will cost more money than an audio only system, but as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Video can enable you to capture much more information about the person trying to gain entry to your place of residence or work than audio, and should be chosen if you require visual identification of any guests for security reasons (for example, if you are installing the security system at a domestic violence shelter). You can also choose between wired systems and wireless systems, depending on your needs and budget. A wireless system will cost more in the initial purchase than will a wired system, but it will probably have a much simpler process of installation and will result in a sleeker and cleaner appearance due to the lack of wiring.

Regardless of the specific type of security system you choose to install, there are a few basic guidelines that will most likely apply. Following these will not take all of the work out of the installation process, but it can increase the chances of the setup going a little more smoothly than it otherwise would.

When you begin installing the system, it is important to measure the dimensions of the master station of the system. This is the part of the intercom that you shall use to manage all of the satellite parts; it is where you can turn the entire system on and off or call for emergency help if such options are available in your system. It is also where you can reset the system and potentially communicate with all satellite intercoms attached to the system. The master station should be installed in an area where you can easily reach it in an emergency; the location should be stable and there should be a minimal risk of the intercom falling off and breaking if you attach it to a wall.

Look through the packaging that comes with an intercom system to see which methods are provided for attaching satellite intercoms to walls in your residence or work site. Many systems will come with brackets and flanges and other kinds of wall mounts to help speed up the process. You will then want to find where the studs are located in your walls and make sure the positions of your intercoms are level and balanced.

If you have a wired intercom security system, it will be very important to check and double check the wiring, as you will need to connect every substation and satellite to the master intercom station. It is a good idea to have friends or people you trust go to each post where you plan to install the satellite intercoms and test them to make sure they work.

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