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Swiss Army Bags - Swiss Army Bags: The Best in the Business

travel hiking military designed

When looking for baggage to travel with, one needs to look no further than Victorinox Swiss Army, the famous company that makes all manner of travel bags. They have bags for laptops, bags for hiking, and bags for traveling through an airport. Some of them are large enough to travel with for weeks, while others are small enough to take to class or the workplace. The bags come often in black, but also in green, red, and other colors. All of these bags come with top-notch Swiss Army Quality, with padded grips and strong straps. Because of that combination, the bags are comfortable enough to carry around on a long hiking trip, and also strong enough to withstand the rigors of the trip without breaking under the strain.

Because today’s travel involves much movement through airports, and thus through many security checkpoints, Swiss Army has a new line called Security Fast Pass. These Swiss Army bags are designed to get the businessman or casual traveler through the airport and on their way as quickly as possible. The laptop briefcase, called the Trevi, is excellent for just that purpose. It offers excellent protection, so one’s laptop will not be damaged in the overhead compartment or while going through the conveyor belt. It is sleek and stylish, while being designed to best use the space available. It is made to lie perfectly flat while being screened, and has easy-access pockets for both electronics and travel documents. Keeping everything organized and safe, the Trevi is great for the traveler who can not leave the country without his or her computer.

For those who want to make sure their traveling luggage survives the checking process, the loading, and the flight, Swiss Army bags are available with hard sides to make sure nothing within can be so much as scratched. The Officer’s Trunk SM is a tough, well-sized piece of luggage with hard sides and a durable framework. Modeled after the Swiss Army Knife itself, this bag was designed to be a multi-tool, a bag capable of fulfilling a number of functions very well. The handle can be locked into different heights, meaning it will not slide around and can still be used by travelers of every height. It has a clasp that can be used to attach another bag, giving one flexibility with how much to take on each individual flight. Inspired by the needs of the military, this bag will never be a letdown and will always keep one’s possessions safe.

For the student traveler, there are Swiss Army bags made as backpacks, with tough straps and large capacities for all the student’s needs. The Rhone is one such bag, a perfectly versatile backpack that can be used while hiking or while going to class. This bag, again with its military tradition, is olive-drab in color and will function better than any other when moving through the forest or up the sides of mountains. Conversely, it will be right at home in a classroom filled with books and computers. The inner dividers can keep books and papers separated, while the pocket for an MP3 Player means that the wearer will never have to walk across a college or high school campus in silence. The ventilation keeps the wearer from retaining too much heat while on a hike or a walk, and the Rhone itself is padded to keep everything inside from being damaged — whether sliding down a hillside or riding on a crowded city bus.

Swiss Army bags are clearly the standard in the world’s market for bags of all types. They provide for everyone, with so many different styles of bags that anyone looking will be able to find something that they love. Swiss Army clings to the military heritage that has made them a great company, using that not only to style their bags — giving them tough looks that are both rugged and refined — but also to design them: the bags are versatile and each one can do much above and beyond what it is intended for. There is nothing else on the market like the bags available from Victorinox Swiss Army, and to buy anything else would be to sell oneself short.

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