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Property For Sale Bulgaria - Hot Markets: Property for Sale in Bulgaria

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With current global markets stagnant in growth, many people are looking for a way to invest money in real estate other than traditional methods. There have been many areas throughout the world where people have begun to invest in property for the potential of future growth. Although many of these properties revolve around tropical environments and island atmospheres, there are a few places that offer pure tranquility of rural living such as Bulgaria. During the last decade, many people in Europe as well as the United States have started to notice the country of Bulgaria as potential vacation spots for the growing populations of world. Bulgaria offers vacationers old world charm in a rural setting that resembles old English and German homesteads although Bulgaria is situated near the Black Sea.
Property Regulations in Bulgaria
There are many different types of property that one can purchase when looking for potential investment opportunities in Bulgaria. However, one should keep in mind that foreigners can own buildings but cannot own land according to the Bulgarian constitution. This provision will expire for European citizens in the year 2014 although it is not known whether or not it will expire for other foreigners from other continents. If you are not a European citizen, you will have to maneuver around some red tape although there are ways that foreigners can own both property and land in Bulgaria. For instance, if you are someone from the United States, it is unclear whether or not the Bulgarian constitution will be revised for American citizens to own land as it will be for European citizens. In order to own a house as well as the land with it, you must set up a company. The reason for this is that although foreigners can not invest in real estate as an investment, foreigners can own dwellings and land if he or she begins a company within the country of Bulgaria. By using this route, many citizens of the United States as well as other countries not within the continent of Europe have been able to own property in bulgaria, and there are many different real estate companies that will help those from other countries circumvent this process.
Bulgarian Properties
Properties within the country of Bulgaria are numerous although some are far more sought after than others. For instance, the most popular place to own vacation property within the country is near or on the Black Sea. The Black Sea is said to be one of the most tranquil inland bodies of water in the world and many people from the continent of both Europe and Asia frequent the countries around the Black Sea for vacation. Villas in this area resemble areas around the Mediterranean with their beach like architecture of stucco walls and terracotta roofs. For instance, there are villas in the Balchik region near the town of Varna such as a two bedroom, one bathroom villa with 80 square meters of living space. The home features a stucco exterior with a terraced terracotta roof along with an outside barbecue pit. The interior features two spacious bedrooms with one bathroom that is tiled on both walls and floors. This property will cost on average somewhere around 35000 to 40000 Euros, which equates to approximately $45000 to $55000 US dollars. If you are looking for something more luxurious, one of the houses located directly on the Black Sea may suit your needs. There are five bedroom, four bathroom homes located on the Black Sea where luxury abounds. One home on the coast of Varna features a cliff side home directly on the coast with five bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a guest house with two more bedrooms and two bathrooms. This home also has a swimming pool, lower level wet bar, multi-level patio, and tile throughout the entire house. There is over five thousand square feet of living space in this luxurious villa by the sea and it can be had for less than 1.2 million Euros. The country or sea living in Bulgaria is becoming hot and will continue to gain in popularity over the next few decades according to many real estate agents. With a small amount of research, one can find a property to fit his or her needs in the country of Bulgaria.

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