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Bermuda Vacation Packages - Vacation Deals: Bermuda Vacation Packages

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Nestled in the Atlantic Ocean some six hundred miles from the coast of North Carolina sits the island chains of the warm and sunny country of Bermuda. Bermuda sits almost directly within the Gulf stream current, which keeps temperatures very mild year round. From the pink beaches to its Caribbean influenced architecture and culture, hundreds of thousands of people visit the quaint island chain every year. With so much interest generated in the country of Bermuda, many travel companies have created vacation packages for those interested in traveling to the country. There are all inclusive resort deals, where one person or the entire family can stay and have everything the resort has to offer right at their fingertips without worrying about carrying their pocketbook around with them. There are other deals that offer a combination package of airfare and hotel stay, which will offer huge savings when booked together. Finally, there are economical destination packages to Bermuda where one can relax in the sun without worrying about clearing out their bank account.

All Inclusive Package Deals
All inclusive package deals are the only way to go for some people. All inclusive packages mean that visitors can enjoy all the amenities offered at a resort such as restaurants, snacks, hard and soft drinks, resort activities, and anything else offered by the hotel, which is available without cost to the patron. The reason for this is based on the fact that the resort has already included a base price for these services in the all inclusive package. For those that enjoy excessiveness, all inclusive may be the only way to go. There are many hotels nestled around the bustling city of Hamilton that offer all inclusive vacations. Prices vary greatly for all inclusive packages although a good general rule of thumb for rates are around $200 per day for comfortable lodgings, a variety of water and resort activities, and three to four star dining. For more luxurious resorts, one should expect to pay upwards of $400 per day for five star dining and luxury accommodations. These prices normally do not include airfare, which from the East Coast will cost upwards of $300.

Luxury Resorts
There are some people who do not feel the need to have expensive lodgings or fine dining, and for those people there are many choices within the island chain of Bermuda. However, there are some people who wish to spare no expense when it concerns their personal comfort and the fare he or she eats. For these people, there are a few resorts in the country of Bermuda that should not be overlooked. The Elbow Beach resort in Bermuda is one of the most sought out luxury hotels within the island chain. The resort is situated around a beautiful pink sand beach and has over 50 acres of beautiful Caribbean flowers and landscaped gardens that exhibit a natural tropical habitat. The resort is only a few minutes from the airport, close to shopping in downtown Hamilton, and has six five star dining restaurants on the premises. The resort has been entertaining guests for close to one hundred years and is one of the oldest luxury resorts in the country.

Economical Hotels
For those who want to spend their money shopping in downtown Hamilton or save money altogether, he or she should look at one of the many economical hotels within the country of Bermuda. There are many hotels that offer many amenities of luxury resorts although on a smaller scale. For instance, many hotels that are under $100 per night will still offer beach front accommodations as well as water activities for its guests. Some of these hotels have landscaping just as beautiful as luxury resorts although on a smaller scale. While there may not be five star dining on the hotel grounds, guests will enjoy grill style restaurants as well as having the option to travel into Hamilton for more exotic fare. Another great aspect of going economical in the country of Bermuda is that, like many other Caribbean nations, local crafts can be bartered for reasonable prices by buying through the local artisans. For the wealthy traveler or those looking for an economical vacation destination, Bermuda has something to offer everyone.

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