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Braun Electric Kettle - Electric Kettles by Braun

water jug button base

It’s happened to many people: you fill up the kettle for a cup of tea, put it on the burner, and go off to another room, anticipating a long wait until the water boils. The next thing you know, there’s a metallic burning smell in the air. You forgot about the kettle! The water has all boiled off and the kettle may well be ruined.

A simple solution to this problem is the electric kettle, made by Braun, among other companies. A small upfront investment can end up saving you time, stress, and ruined traditional stove-top kettles. Braun’s electric kettles boil water faster than a traditional kettle, and have an automatic shut-off once the water reaches boiling.

A Braun electric kettle consists of two parts: a base, which plugs into an ordinary outlet, and a jug, which fits onto the base. The jug has a handle and clear window with markings to show how much water is in the kettle. Inside the jug is a metal plate, which rapidly heats the water. The kettle also has two buttons on it; the first, smaller button is located closest to the lid of the jug, and releases the lid, both to fill and empty the kettle. The second, larger button is located next to the first, directly above the handle, is the on switch.

The function of a Braun electric kettle is a simple as boiling water. The lid is released with the first button, filled to the desired level, as shown on the marked window, and then closed. The jug is placed on the base, and the larger button is depressed. The kettle will begin making some noise right away, and an orange light will come on just below the window to let you know that the kettle is working. It will shut off automatically when the water begins to boil – and will click to let you know it’s ready.

If you want water hot, but not to the point of boiling, or you simply decide that you don’t want to continue heating the water, the kettle may be switched off by depressing the lid release button, or simply briefly removing the jug from the base. If you desire to prolong the boil, to produce steam or to ensure that the water is hot enough, it is possible to hold down the on switch to defeat the automatic shut-off. The kettle can easily be cleaned by wiping with a damp towel or sponge, but Braun recommends not to submerge them in water when cleaning them.

Braun’s electric kettles aren’t only good for tea, though. Despite their limited capacity compared to a multi-quart stock pot (usually 7 cups), it is possible to use the rapidly heated water from the kettle to supplement the slower-heating water of a pot on the stove, helping you more quickly boil water for pasta or other uses.

Electric kettles made by Braun typically retail starting at $50, which is really a small price to pay for convenience, safety and peace of mind, especially considering that Braun’s well-made electric kettles will last you for many years.

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almost 7 years ago

my braun kettle is leaking at the bottom. How can i fix this?