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Maternity Intimate Apparel - The Importance of Maternity Intimate Apparel

women support pregnant lower

In the past fifty years or so, there has been a quantum leap in the way a woman with child is regarded. When Lucille Ball was expecting during the run of the classic TV comedy “I Love Lucy”, even the word “pregnant” was forbidden by network censors. If a perfectly respectable word like “pregnant” was considered a loaded word, imagine how little time was given over to the discussion and development of maternity intimate apparel.

As time went on, things have certainly changed. Many women routinely work through most or all of their pregnancies. Baby bumps are proudly displayed. Pregnancy, in all its facets, is freely discussed by women, as well as men. Maternity clothes are designed to flatter and enhance a mom-to-be’s changing and expanding body.

Just as importantly, the designing of maternity intimate apparel has also taken a quantum leap. Expectant women need not merely buy ever larger panties and bras anymore. There is quality, well-thought-out underwear for every day of a woman’s pregnancy to be found everywhere online, and to suit every woman’s taste and budget.

This revolution in maternity intimate apparel is not merely for fashion’s sake. The fact is that the changes in a pregnant woman’s body can become uncomfortable to downright painful if she hasn’t the correct support needed. The body’s center of gravity shifts, putting strain on muscles and bones. In fact, fifty percent of pregnant women report some suffering of lower back pain. Buying good quality maternity intimate apparel is one way ensure an active, vibrant pregnancy, with a quick bodily recovery after birth.

Pregnant women used to be consigned to tight, restrictive girdles and ugly, constrictive support hose. While these were thought to provide support for the abdomen and legs, in actuality they crowded internal organs and promoted varicose veins.

Today’s shape wear does no such thing. Made with light but strong microfiber, nylon, lycra and other textiles, the belly is supported gently, and the thighs, hips, and backside are smoothed as well as supported. Shape wear can stop at mid-thigh, or function as pantyhose or tights, for important support for the legs. They can be found in nude, black, and other opaque fashion colors.

Should more support be needed, there are “cradles” or “sleeves” that are worn on the lower abdomen with a supportive strap across the lower back. Some have straps that cross at the breast and go over the shoulder to meet at the lower back. Small women carrying large babies or women a history of chronic back pain may find these the answer to their problem.

The breasts are another area of the body that will go through great changes, before and birth. Some pregnant women find that their breasts are the first part of their body to grow larger. These women need not suffer with the old-fashioned cotton bras that dug into their shoulders and constricted their breathing.

Again, today’s modern fibers make possible bras that support and comfort, and even look good in the bargain. Sports bra styles, padded cups, under-wire, and even camisole shelf maternity bras in different colors and lace accents will gladden the heart of the pregnant mom. Light to firm support is available, depending on the mom-to-be’s needs.

Panties can come in glad colors and fanciful prints. The styles worn before pregnancy are all represented, from full coverage to thong, from cotton to microfiber.

In our discussion of pregnant women, we have left out a major player in this scenario, and that is the father-to-be. Along with the fluctuation of mommy’s hormones, daddy may be experiencing some as well. It isn’t uncommon at all that some men can find their women more beautiful and alluring than ever before. Some men are reluctant to express such a thought, much less act on it.

May we assure the daddy-to-be that there is nothing wrong with him; his lady may well be feeling a surge of sexuality herself. Celebrate this magical time with the gift of a saucy pair of panties, a lacy bra, or a silky wisp of a nightgown.

Soon the baby will be waking everyone up through the night. Meanwhile, why not practice for this with a bit of nocturnal activity of your own?

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