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Friday The Movie - Classic Movies: Friday

craig smokey worm money

With such an all-star cast, the hit movie Friday has entertained audiences ever since its release in 1995. Directed by F. Gary Gray, the movie takes its audience on a journey through the eyes of two youths who are just trying to survive. Becoming embroiled in drug activity, the two main characters must find a way to please a drug dealing neighbor by coming up with a large amount of money before the day ends. With no job or prospects of finding money, the two characters embark on a series of hilarious adventures in a way to come up with the two hundred dollars owed to the notorious gun packing drug dealer Big Worm.
The Opening
The movie starts out by briefly showing the morning activities of a small family in a suburban territory of Los Angelos. Craig, played by rapper Ice Cube, begins his day by rummaging through the cabinets in search of breakfast. Finding cereal but no milk, Craig becomes upset at the lack of provisions in his family’s house and retires to his room where he finds his neighbor, Smokey, climbing through his window. Smokey, played by Chris Tucker, is the neighborhood pothead and has decided to try his hand at selling weed as well. Craig, bummed out about losing his job, asks Smokey how he plans to smoke weed and sell it to. Smokey’s reply is hazy and the two decide to walk outside to sit on the front porch.
The Plot Thickens
As Smokey and Craig sit out on the front stoop, Smokey decides it is time to light up and begins to roll a joint. Craig, worried at what his mother and father might say about smelling weed on their front porch tells Smokey that he should wait until they leave. Although he complies with Craig’s wishes, Smokey then begins to rag on Craig about getting fired from his job on his day off. Loosely, Craig was fired because a security camera caught a picture of someone who looked like Craig stealing some boxes from the warehouse although Craig insists that it was not him. Due to this, Smokey insists that Craig smoke some weed to forget about his problems. Reluctantly, Craig agrees and the two begin to smoke numerous joints over the course of the next hour. During this time, Smokey’s weed supplier comes looking for Smokey to see if he has sold the rest of the weed that he was given. Although Smokey has sold some of the weed, he has smoked even more, and when asked to give up the money and the weed, Big Worm, the supplier, realizes Smokey has been smoking the product instead of selling it. In an attempt to lessen the responsibility, Smokey confides to Big Worm that he and Craig had been smoking weed earlier that morning because Craig had lost his job and Smokey wanted to alleviate some of Craig’s worry. Not caring about excuses, Big Worm tells Smokey that he will either have his money at the end of the day or pay the consequences, where Big Worm uncovers a gun sitting next to him in his car. Smokey tells Big Worm that he will have his money with no problem and Big Worm leaves.
The Money Search
After telling Craig what happened with Big Worm, Craig is outraged that Smokey has involved him in this debacle although he volunteers to help since he is now involved. The two begin to brainstorm ideas to get the money where one instance involves Smokey breaking into a neighbors house with the neighborhood bully Deebo, played by Tommy Lister. The two make a score although Deebo decides to keep the money for himself. As the movie progresses, it is evident that barring a miracle, the two characters are not going to come up with the money.
The Climax
The movie comes to a head after Big Worm sends his minions to deal with Smokey and Craig. After a shootout, Deebo is accused of beating up a girl who is the sister of Craig’s love interest. Upon finding this out, Craig and Deebo get into a street fight where Craig knocks Deebo out, takes his money to give to Big Worm, and wins the love of Debbie, his love interest.

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