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Riverside County Court - Tips for going to Riverside County Court

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Riverside County Court, also known as the superior court of California, is a system of courts located in the county of Riverside, California that handles a large number of cases each year. People may visit the court for a number of reasons, such as when making court ordered appearances for misdemeanors such as speeding tickets or driving without proof of insurance or registration, or felonies such as grand theft auto or possession of a weapon in areas where weapons may not be carried, such as the post office. Alternatively, you may be called to the court to serve as a potential juror in what is commonly known as jury duty. You might be called as a witness in some case or might visit to settle claims or resolve disputes with the legal system. Whatever the reason, if you live in Riverside, California, there is a chance that you might someday have to appear in the Riverside county court to take care of some legal matter or affair. If this day comes, it will be to your advantage if you are prepared with a knowledge of things to do and things to avoid when visiting the court. This article will provide you with some useful tips to help make your visit to the court as stress free of an experience as possible.

Perhaps the single most important thing to know if you receive a summons to a Riverside County Court is that there are several different courts to choose from, and attending the right one is crucial to have your case heard or settle the reason for your court appearance. In most cases, if you go to the wrong court on your court date, you will be asked to go to the correct one and may face additional penalties depending on the reason for your court summons. The courts you have to keep track of are Banning court, Blythe court, Corona court, Hawthorne court, Hemet court, Indio’s court with the annex office, Indio juvenile court, Indio’s Larson justice center, the Moreno valley court, the Murrieta Southwest justice center, the Palm springs court, the Riverside family law court, the Riverside hall of justice, the Riverside historic courthouse, the Riverside juvenile court, and last but not least, the Temecula court.

Each of these courts is designed to handle different kinds of cases and they are arranged according to the divisions of the court that they serve. For example, if you have an appointment or a summons at Banning court, your reason for appearing at the court will either be to deal with a civil case, a small claims case, an evictions case, a traffic case, or a criminal case. In contrast, if you are summoned to the Larson Justice Center at Indio, you will either be dealing with a civil case, an evictions case, a family law case, a criminal case, or a traffic case. Carefully read the summons to make sure you know where you are supposed to go and when. Each of the courts will be located in a different location within Riverside county. Several of the courts are located either in Indio or Riverside, but some are also found in Moreno valley or Palm Springs, while at least one is located in Temecula.

A final tip to keep in mind when traveling to a summons to a Riverside County Court is that there will be a large number of items that you will not be allowed to bring onto court facilities. If you have been to court before or even a federal building, you will likely be familiar with several of these restrictions, but if you have not, it may be helpful to familiarize yourself with some of the more common items people try to bring into court and find they cannot. It is probably obvious that you should not try to bring any kind of firearm or ammunition into a court. It doesn’t matter if it is not an actual gun; things resembling guns should also be avoided, such as toy guns, gun shaped lighters, BB guns, and taser or stun guns. You should also leave any knives or sharp items such as scissors, razors, or needles at home.

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