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Plastic And Surgery - Making an Informed Decision About Plastic Surgery

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Self-image is an important part of a person’s well being. If a person is not confident, they can miss out on important opportunities. Like it or not, our society is very superficial. Appearance does matter, and it does determine how people perceive others. The market place is competitive, and people are getting plastic surgery to improve their appearance. This medical procedure is serious, and there are substantial risks involved. A person should not make this decision lightly. The surgeon will explain the dangers of the particular procedure. People die every year due to plastic surgery complications.

However, there are many that have no complications at all. One of the first things a patient should consider is their health. If they are not in good health, the risks for the plastic surgery are greater. During a consultation with the plastic surgeon, the physician should do a thorough evaluation of medical history and family medical history. Prospective patients must do their due diligence when it comes to choosing a surgeon. It is in your best interest to do detailed research of the surgeon’s credentials. A prospective patient should not be afraid to ask for references. The doctor should not be reluctant to convey his or her personal experience with certain plastic surgery procedures.

Additionally, a consumer interested in plastic surgery needs to research the procedure. They should be fully aware of what the process involves, and they should understand the complications that may occur. A potential patient should go into surgery fully aware of the implications.

Also, a person should make sure that they are getting the surgery for the right reasons. It should be for their satisfaction. Surgery should not be undertaken to please another person. The patient should make sure that the procedure is their choice.

In Hollywood, plastic surgery is a common procedure. Celebrities are constantly trying to preserve their good looks. For them, their appearance directly affects their income. Thus, there is sometimes an unhealthy amount of procedures that a person will go through. A good, moral plastic surgeon should intervene at some point. When the surgeon realizes the person is no longer acting rationally, the surgeon may need to refuse to perform the procedure.

Unfortunately, many surgeons perform a dangerous amount of surgery on patients. Perhaps, the lure of money is enough for them to ignore their medical and moral obligation to their patients. Many patients end up disfigured because they have an unhealthy body image. They no longer can see how they really look. The image in the mirror becomes distorted to them. Psychological help is necessary for patients that exhibit a condition known as body dysmorphic disorder. This condition results when a patient becomes obsessed with getting plastic surgery and other dermatology procedures.

Furthermore, in extreme cases of body dysmorphic disorder, the risk of suicide increases greatly. This condition is very serious and should be treated properly. Psychotherapy and medication are often effective treatments for the disorder. Body dysmorphic disorder or BDD is a chronic illness that worsens over time. Left untreated, it can lead to severe depression, and the depression sometimes culminates in suicide. Most patients tend to be more obsessed with the hair, nose, and skin. The outside world does not see the defect, but the person with the illness truly sees their body in a distorted light.

In conclusion, the complications in plastic surgery can happen; however, there are many patients that have no problems from the surgery. They are pleased with the results, and they end up healing well. There are people that are very happy with the results, and in many cases, their personal appearance is enhanced. In some cases, there can be some medical malpractice. Patients have walked away from surgery with some permanent damage. Their experience was anything but pleasant. Some go through a real life horror story. The chances of this can be greatly reduced by making an informed decision about plastic surgery.

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