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St Petersburg Condos - Great Prices on St. Petersburg Condos

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During the present economy, many people have homes that are considered “underwater.” This means that housing prices have decreased to such a degree over the last few years that people actually owe more on their home when they originally purchased it. However, those who chose not to purchase a home three years ago now have the opportunity to buy a home that is significantly cheaper than prices were a few years ago. Also, investors who did not fall victim to the inflated housing market now see this present time as an opportunity of a life time where he or she can purchase homes for thirty percent of the cost. States such as Florida were hit harder than other areas, and even in resort towns such as St. Petersburg, there were still many foreclosures. For this reason, many people who are in the position to purchase a home are now looking at real estate in areas such as St. Petersburg because these areas are considered to be quick to recover. Both first time home buyers and investors alike have their eyes on property and condos in St. Petersburg, and when the fall has seemed to bottom out, he or she will be able to get great deals.

City of St. Pete’s
The bustling town of St. Petersburg Florida is one of the most progressive smaller cities within the state. Situated by the Gulf of Mexico, the town experiences mild weather throughout the year with cool, gentle breezes blowing off of the Gulf. The town has a very diverse population where both visitors and year round residents have activities to take part in such as deep sea fishing, wind surfing, beach combing, and many other activities that revolve around its coastline. Another attribute of the small but cozy community is the greater St. Petersburg area has some of the best medical care in the United States. Shortly from the city limits is the larger city of Tampa Bay. On weekends during the fall and early winter, many people in the St. Petersburg area venture to the football stadium where they can watch professional football.

Condos in St. Petersburg
There are many different choices for those investors or first time home buyers to purchase a condo. Condos in the city of St. Petersburg vary from one bedroom, one bathroom up to four bedroom and three bathroom units. For the recent college graduate, he or she may be looking for something small such as a one bedroom, one bathroom unit. These abound nearly all over the city, and one can even find a one bedroom, one bathroom St. Petersburg condo with views of the Gulf of Mexico. These condos are perfect for the two-person single family as well. Condos such as these will fall somewhere between the prices of $25,000 all the way up to $500,000. Obviously, location, size, and up-grades all play a large role in the price of these condos.

One Bedroom Condos
A condo on 58th Street may have one bedroom, one bath with as much as 600 square feet. These condos have small but cozy rooms for the owners and some have contemporary appliances along with a washer and dryer. Apartments such as these will fall between the price range of $30,000 up to $60,000, depending on square footage and up-grades. However, overlooking the inter-coastal waterway one will find prices much higher. For the same condo as on 58th Street, one may find the same square footage with a slight appliance up-grade for the larger price of $175,000. Just like any other city in the United States, in the town of St. Petersburg you will pay for luxury.

Larger Family Condos
While there are many condos for small families, some St. Petersburg condos are up to four bedroom units. As with the smaller bedroom units, these condos differ in price depending on the types of up-grades and its location along with square footage. For a condo overlooking the waterway, one should expect to pay at least $300,000 for a two bedroom with around 1000 square feet. Condos similar in size can be had for a third of that price although they may be found in less than preferable areas.

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