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Faux Shearling Coats - About the Benefits and Production of Faux Shearling Coats

real fur skin synthetic

Faux shearling coats are a great way to get all of the style and warmth of real shearling with none of the guilt. Like other faux furs and faux leathers, faux shearling is made of synthetic materials instead of the animal skin by which it is inspired. With the recession, faux fur, shearling, and leather are currently very popular materials for coats, jackets, shoes, boots, and slacks because they are less expensive than the real thing. Real fur is expensive because it comes with the cost of breeding, housing, and feeding the animal while it was alive, in addition to the injection used to kill the animal and the production of the final garment. The synthetic materials that comprise faux shearling and other mimicries are made in turn from petroleum, the same thing that makes gasoline. Like gasoline, the cost of petroleum is on the rise, but it is still cheaper than raising fur animals.

The feeling of shearling is similar to that of suede, and the two are often confused for one another. Real shearling is made from the treated skin of a lamb that has had its wool shorn before being killed, so it still has a very small amount of wool on it. Real suede is made from lamb skin or the skin of other livestock animals, by rubbing and wearing the underside of the skin to have a very soft finish. Synthetic suede is also available, and other textiles have been made to simulate the soft texture of suede.

Shearling is recently most famous for its use in the popular Ugg boot. It is also used in other women’s fashion boots and women’s vests and jackets. As in Ugg boots, shearling is often paired with a soft wool fleece lining. The same goes for the Ugg knockoff faux shearling boots, which have had an explosive presence in teen fashion over the last several winters, and is sure to continue in the next. Likewise, synthetic shearling and fleece are found paired in vests and ladies’ jackets, for their combination of rich texture and warm insulation.

Coats that are made using shearling and faux shearling tend to be assembled in such a way that exposes and proudly displays – rather than hides as in the case of other garments – the fleece lining in the seams and on the edges of the garment. This gives the garment an iconic and recognizable appearance. It also acts as a visual testament to the warmth of the garment to the wearer. They can be made in a variety of colors and cuts as well. The modern fitted woman’s shearling coat makes a beautiful and flattering addition to any wardrobe.

The quality and realness of faux shearling varies, usually with the most realistic being the most expensive. Real shearling coats and jackets are favored for their weight and drape on a woman’s body, and for the cheapest artificial shearling this effect can be lost. However, it is not necessary for synthetics to be considered inferior. Like faux fur, it is possible to make a synthetic that to most is nearly indistinguishable from real shearling, and even favorable to some. Acrylics and synthetics have proven to make a super-soft texture that is very attractive to consumers, in products ranging from sweaters and blankets to teddy bears, as well as having effective insulating properties.

Faux shearling coats are sure to be a big hit this winter season. There are many benefits to using artificial materials in coats, jackets, and vests. Using faux shearling means not killing animals for their skin, a lower cost to the customer, giving the garment a rich softness, keeping warm, and staying on top of the trends. Even famous stars are turning to synthetic fur materials. There is no reason to feel like the fake isn’t good enough and fork over the money for real fur when you can achieve the same look for less.

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