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Public Relations Los Angeles - Los Angeles: America's Public Relations Capitol

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It is a well established fact that the two primary entertainment hubs in the United States are New York City and Los Angeles, California. The international appeal of the motion picture industry helps to make Los Angeles the nation’s leader in the public relations field.

Public relations is a very diverse discipline and offers many opportunities in traditional corporate industries, as well as the entertainment business. All companies across the nation and around the world have advertising and public relations campaigns that require retaining individuals who have been formally trained in the processes. The range of positions available is very diverse because of this universal emphasis on top-of-mind-awareness that is necessary for any company to build and maintain market share.

Positions can range from being a publicist for a small group of actors to being a press release agent for only one company. Included in the list of potential work includes writers of all various sorts, whether creative or informational. Most qualified applicants for any position have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in some related field. The educational background does not necessarily have to be mass communications related and can include training in advertising and marketing, depending on the particular job.

Because of this need for trained public relations professionals, most colleges in the Los Angeles region offer degree programs in all of the applicable majors, including masters degree programs. They very often target the regional need for these people, as many of the individuals interested in careers in this field get their initial interest by virtue of exposure to other professionals who are already working in the industry in Los Angeles. This also helps with the networking potential for anyone with public relations professional aspirations.

Many public relations specialists have also built very successful careers with professional advertising agencies. These public relations professionals are regularly involved with developing advertising campaigns with any range of clients. Employment latitude can even range to political campaigns during certain election cycles, as the political arena is largely dependent on using information pros to “get out the message” through the proper informational conduits.

In today’s politically charged atmosphere, “branding” has become an integral component of getting elected to positions that allow individuals to make the societal impact for which they are driven. The entertainment industry has clearly crossed over into a partnership with the industry of politics, though the public has not traditionally considered the two to be working together. The notion of politics as an industry has also become a new idea of the past few decades, as entertainment icons have made the move into representation. Just as television and movie stars need public relations agents, the same is becoming increasingly true for all politicians.

This metamorphosis is a clearly a product of the invasive informational age, as well as the interactive media age. For many years, newspapers were the primary source for this information, but the commonality of television and the escalation of the internet has exploded the public relations industry into a desirable part of a success equation, just as it has been historically in the corporate setting.

Though the industry largely began in New York City, the idea of “going west” has caught hold and allowed the merging of all commercial entities to focus on the professional manpower available in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas of California for any and all public relations needs.

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