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Lake City Lodging - Finding lodging options for Lake City, Colorado

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Colorado is a beautiful and exciting place, and finding the right lodging option can be daunting! Below are some unique ways to experience Lake City.

Located by the Rocky Mountains, Lake City is full of fun and adventure. One way to enjoy all of the fun, as well as get close to nature, is to go camping. This allows you to be outside, and notice things you might not if you stayed in a traditional hotel. There may be wildlife that comes to visit your site, and the beautiful sunrise can be seen for miles, without any buildings to block your view! Be prepared, though, as the nights can get chilly, especially in early Spring or late Fall. Also be prepared for all the equipment you’ll need, such as tents, sleeping bags, and the like, as well as personal toiletries. Most people take all their own food as well, so remember to pack completely. There are several options to choose from, with varying amenities. Be sure to research thoroughly and pick the right option that works for you and your family. One note to make is that this option is typically cheaper than a traditional hotel, and allows you to save money on food as well.

A very popular lodging choice for Lake City is cabin rentals. There are several to choose from, and just as many locations as well. They range from small cabins to large lodges. Again, the views can be spectacular, and might be missed if you choose the more traditional route of hotels. One drawback, however, is in cleaning up after yourself. There are no housekeepers that come and make your bed every day! One advantage is privacy. This solves the problem of noisy neighbors who can party all night, or the small child next door that cries. In fact, you’re biggest limitation is with the people who came with you! Most of the time linens are included, so you would just need your personal items, as well as any food you would like to prepare. Again, in preparing your own food, this allows you to save money over other options, as well as help to satisfy the picky eater. The price of the cabin itself is pretty comparable to a hotel, as cabins tend to be a better value and option for large groups of people.

Vacation homes are available in the Lake City area as well. Much like a cabin or lodge, the only items needed are your personal effects and any food you wish to prepare. The biggest drawback with vacation homes is in liability. When traveling with children, it’s important that they are respectful to other people’s property and belongings. Again, privacy is an advantage, and price can be pretty comparable to a hotel, depending on your individual taste.

There are several options for lodging in Lake City, so try something different than the traditional hotel! You just might see another side of life!

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