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Baton Rouge Lodging - Different lodging options for Baton Rouge

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Traveling can be fun and exciting, but finding the right place to stay can be a chore, as well as confusing! Look no more! This article will tell you about the different kinds of lodging available in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area.

The first lodging option would be the traditional hotel. This is good for the traveler who wants a predictable stay, especially if you choose a hotel that is part of one of the national chains of hotels. You will receive a fully made bed, a separate bathroom, and, depending on the hotel chosen, maybe even a sitting area in the room. There will be a front desk for check in, and helpful employees to make your stay enjoyable. Also depending on the hotel there also could be amenities such as a pool, bar. attached restaurant, work out facility, and some even have a room set up with computers and printers for the business traveler! A list of traditional hotels for the area can be found by visiting several websites, such as hotels.com or travelocity.com, or by visiting a particular chain of hotels website, and searching by Baton Rouge. You’re bound to find a lot of lodging options there.

The next lodging option would be choosing a more rustic route, such as camping. This requires a lot more work on the part of the traveler, as well as a lot of equipment. Items needed would include a tent or camper, bedding, linens, as well as personal items that you would take when staying at a hotel. This also requires one to be outside, especially when choosing the tent option. An advantage to this is that as long as you own the equipment needed, this can be a very economical option. The typical charge for a campsite is almost a third of the cost of a traditional hotel room. A lot of campgrounds have some of the same amenities as a hotel as well. These would include a swimming pool, laundry facility, a small convenience store for forgotten items, and even wifi! The sacrifice is that most don’t have any restaurant or lounge attached. This is a fun option if traveling with kids, as they experience a different life than when they are at home. Again, to find a campsite, use a search engine and type in campgrounds for Baton Rouge, or visit a large national chain’s site directly.

One last lodging option to discuss is Bed & Breakfasts. These are a lot like hotels in that you have a bed to sleep in, but are kind of like being at home as well. Typically a bed and breakfast includes a large house that is divided into separate sleeping rooms for guests. Unlike hotels, you may or may not have a private bathroom. Typically the owners/managers do offer food, especially at breakfast. Other amenities are usually absent, such as a swimming pool, lounge, work out facility, and the like. This option is a nice cross between a full service hotel and a rustic camping site. You can enjoy the best of both worlds, as long as you’re willing to share a bathroom! Again, using a search engine is the best and fastest way to see the different options available, searching by the name Baton Rouge.

There are several lodging options for Baton Rouge. Be sure to evaluate your entire group and situation, and choose the right option. Using a search engine can be a tremendous resource. Enjoy your stay!

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