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Battery Lawn Mower - Battery Lawn Mower Makes Yard Upkeep a Breeze

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Pushing a manual mower across the grass in the yard every week may prove good exercise, but soon enough aching muscles cry out for the convenience of a battery lawn mower. Also called an electric mower, a battery lawn mower is a much more environmentally friendly option to gasoline-powered mowers which tend to be noisy and often very smelly.

Since they were first introduced into the marketplace, battery lawn mowers have developed to the point where attachment to a cord is no longer necessary, with cordless models that recharge after every job and can operate on the battery’s energy for a certain amount of time before another recharging is necessary. The battery lawn mower has many advantages over the gas-powered mower as well as the traditional manually pushed lawn mower.

The battery lawn mower is very easy to start with the touch of a button. The individual mowing the lawn never has to worry if they have enough of a supply of gasoline to get the job done or waste time making a trip to the gas station in order to refill the gasoline cannister. The battery lawn mower is easy to operate and manuever over the ground and doesn’t require a lot of physical strength to operate, as does a manual mower. Women and the elderly are especially partial to battery lawn mowers thanks to its ease of starting and operation.

Compared to the noise output of a gasoline-powered lawn mower, the battery lawn mower is a much more quiet unit to operate, running along with a nice steady hum rather than an engine roar that is comparable to a jet taking off. The noise of a gas powered mower which might ruffle the neighbors at an early hour poses no problem when using a battery lawn mower which is as quiet as a well-maintained car engine.

The gas powered lawn mower produces fumes, toxins and smoke that pollutes the environment and is not healthy for the individual operating the machine and breathing this toxic soup as they work. The battery lawn mower, on the other hand, discharges absolutely no gases, fumes or pollutants into the air, making it one of the most environmentally friendly ways to cut the grass and keep the lawn looking nice and tidy.

Once the bag of cut grass has been unhooked from the mower and properly disposed of, the battery lawn mower can easily be stored again connected to its power source to quietly recharge so that the machine is ready for another job within a few hours.

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