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Wall Mounted Racks - Some Varieties and Uses of Wall Mounted Racks

advantages of wall mounted racks combination shelf and coat racks computer/server racks wall mounted adjustable arm racks

Wall mounted racks are used for a variety of handy purposes. They are employed as convenient storage areas for many different often used items. This article will look at a few different types of wall mounted rack to give a sense of their overall usefulness. This is not meant to be a really representative sample of all the types that are available, just a random scoop of some different types and designs.

Advantages of wall mounted racks

Wall mounted racks are very handy because they free up floor space for other uses and make wall space – which is often used for more ornamental purposes – functional and usable. They can also be mounted at any height and often adjusted as to height after they are mounted. They can thus be suited to the heights of the people using them and to providing easy hand and visual accessibility.

Peg wall mounted racks
One common and simple type of wall mounted rack is the peg rack. These racks are often used for hanging coats, hats, jewelry, cameras with string holders, keys on chains, and similar home or office items. These racks come in all different shapes, sizes and materials. Their only distinguishing characteristic is that they usually have pegs or knobs protruding from a flat surface on which the above types of items can be hung.

Combination shelf and coat racks

Sometimes the above type of rack is combined with shelving. The shelf is generally situated above the peg portion for obvious reasons. If it was below, coats would be hanging down onto and over the shelf, making it difficult to use. Again these wall mounted racks come in many different varieties.

Wall mounted magazine rack
These racks store magazines by providing bars over which magazines are hung. That is to say, the magazine is opened and hangs over the bars by the binding. These are great for conserving on table space in offices, waiting rooms, and even at home. Rather than the usual pile of magazines on the coffee table which both cause clutter and prevent seeing the front cover of most of the magazines, the magazines can be hung in the manner described above. This makes for a more orderly situation and allows the front cover of each magazine to be seen.

Computer/Server racks

In busy computer rooms in all kinds of situations, there is a great need to conserve space. Some examples are universities, corporations, broadcasting stations, and many others. There may be many computers in one room, and the wall provides a whole range of space that can be put to good use. Thus there are a wide variety of wall mounted racks for mounting computer equipment on walls. These racks are usually metal and have brackets for mounting drives, monitors, ordinary sized and large server sized computer cases, and computer speakers.

Wall mounted racks for audio visual equipment

In a similar vein, locales such as recording studios, TV stations, and radio stations among others use wall mounted racks for holding or storing the many different types of audio visual equipment they use on a daily basis. These are also used in home environments for home recording studios or simply for home stereo systems. Often these racks consist of one or two bars with holes that are affixed to the wall and shelves held by brackets that snap into place in the holes.

Wall mounted adjustable arm racks

With audio visual equipment, televisions, and to some extent computers, it can be very helpful to be able to position racks on an as needed basis, changing their orientation and angle. Therefore sometimes wall mounted racks for technological devices have hinge mounted arms that support shelves on which the equipment rests. Often the shelf also rotates and can be turned to face the user. These shelves are useful because they can be adjusted to the perfect orientation for whatever specific use they are being put, where users or viewers are positioned, and so on.

Wall mounted racks have been around for a long time, but they continue to make storage and use of all kinds of items easier and to keep room clutter to a minimum. They are a good solution in many common home, workplace, educational and recreational areas where effective use of space is a primary consideration.

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