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Belgian Waffle Makers - How to Pick a Belgian Waffle Maker

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Enjoying Belgian waffles used to be a road trip affair if one luckily was close by. Loading up the car, driving to the restaurant, waiting in line, ordering, and eating may contribute toward quality family time, but paying the bill can detract from the overall enjoyment of the experience. Thankfully, tasty Belgian waffles can now easily be made at home.

Waffle v Belgian Waffle
Many people believe a waffle is the square one, and a Belgian waffle is a round one, and the shape is the only difference. Actually, the shape is a coincidence only. The real differences are in the batter ingredients, and overall size and consistency.

Belgian waffles are closer to a bread consistency with higher ridges—those cross lines so familiar—and are thicker than regular waffles. Waffles are generally served with syrup, perhaps some whipped cream, and butter or margarine. Belgian waffles can certainly be good with syrup, but they offer a much wider range of flavors and foods that complement and blend with the Belgian waffle flavor itself. Fruit compotes, fruit pieces, walnuts, and pecans, as well as other favorites, stand up well with Belgian waffles. Belgian waffles with peanut butter and jelly, jam, or preserves is a common favorite, as well.

Belgian waffles are generally crunchier on the outside than regular waffles, because they’re often cooked at a slightly higher heat or longer to cook the batter all the way through.

Waffle Makers v Belgian Waffle Makers
Most waffle makers follow the shape tradition and make square waffles. Belgian waffle recipes might taste okay using standard waffle makers, but they might be of a denser consistency than intended, and the waffle marks won’t be as deep. The Belgian waffle may not have the same crunchy exterior that they’re known for either.

Because standard waffle makers don’t indent the waffle as deeply as Belgian waffle makers do, the Belgian waffle made in a standard waffle maker won’t “stand up” to food additions, such as syrup or composes, that they’re famous for. Using a Belgian waffle maker to prepare a Belgian waffle is highly recommended.

Conversely, because Belgian waffle makers have deeper batter wells, making standard waffles in a Belgian waffle maker could generate disappointing if not nearly disastrous results, because the top of the waffle won’t be cooked, but the bottom could be burnt.

Belgian Waffle Maker Models
The popularity of Belgian waffles has increased so much that kitchen appliance manufactures have responded to the market demand and expanded their appliances to include not only the heavy duty models often found in restaurants but also smaller models for home and camper use.

All newer Belgian waffle makers have non-stick surfaces. Many have removable cooking surface sections or whole plates that can be removed for easy cleaning. With all nonstick cookware, however, the cooking surfaces must fully cool before being washed in a mild dish detergent. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations before dishwasher use.

Smaller Belgian waffle makers have a one-waffle capacity with a single waffle batter well design. Larger models can accommodate up to four at once, though they won’t have the traditional round shape and may be of smaller size than a single-unit Belgian waffle. Remember: It’s not the size of the Belgian waffle that counts. It’s the batter, flavor, and consistency that makes a Belgian waffle so popular.

Because of the special design that’s required to properly make Belgian waffles, Belgian waffle makers might be slightly more expensive than traditional waffle makers of the same size and capacity.

Whether matching décor with white, green, yellow, stainless steel, or other schemes such as collector editions like Hello Kitty models, Belgian waffle makers are different than regular waffle makers, but the flavor of the cooked product make owning a Belgian waffle maker well worth the effort of finding an acceptable one of a desired design and capacity.

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