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International Flights Cheap - How to Find International Flights Cheap

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Finding international flights cheap is a process that requires some planning and strategy. Use these tips to help you locate the most inexpensive airfares to overseas destinations available.

Travel Off-Season

Try to take your vacations or plan your visits to family and friends in other countries in the early spring or in the fall. School is in session, the weather is cool (in the northern hemisphere), and there are less vacationers in general. You will be able to better enjoy your time overseas when you know you found the cheapest flight possible, and you can relax without crowds of other tourists around you.

Stay Flexible

If you can be flexible in your travel plans, you will have a better chance of finding international flights cheap. Traveling in the middle of the week can reduce airfare. Even if you can only fly out on a Saturday, but you can return on a Tuesday, you will save more money than if you have to depart and return on weekends.

Comparison Shop

Try online flight comparison websites to help you locate international flights cheap. Check out individual airline’s web fares and special offers every week online. Their deals change constantly, so consider signing up to receive email newsletters from airlines with specials inside. Stick with one airline in your travels, if possible, to save money.


If you are going to another country over a popular holiday like Christmas, book your flights well in advance. At least six weeks ahead of time, purchase your tickets. The closer you get to the holidays, the more quickly and higher international flights become. Make sure there are no major holidays going on in your destination as well.

Frequent Flier Miles

If you rack up frequent flier points as you travel for work, wait until you have enough to pay the entire, or almost the whole price of an international ticket. Using your frequent flier miles can reduce the cost of an international flight.

Credit Cards

Replace one of your current, most-used credit cards with one that offers you the option to build up enough card rewards to redeem them for airline tickets. Use the card as often as you can each month, paying off your balance monthly, so that you can build up enough points to purchase an international flight ticket with only your points. It may be possible to use some of those points to purchase your ticket at a significant discount as well.

Be Patient

If you do not have to leave tomorrow, you will find international flights cheap by waiting and searching. Contact various travel agents to see what deals and prices they can find for you. Continue searching online. Wait as long as you can to purchase your ticket before the fares begin to rise right before you leave.

Fly Coach

If you do not need the accommodations offered in first or business class when you travel overseas, take advantage of the opportunity to get to know your seatmates really well for at least 9 hours. Fly at the back of the plane. Bring your own food on the plane, scrunch up in a little ball, turn on your mp3 player, and go to sleep. Your ticket will cost significantly less when you fly coach.

Cheaper Airports and Hub Cities

Try airports near the city of your destination. For example, instead of flying into Amsterdam, try flying in to Rotterdam. If you fly into the Middle East or North Africa, try Cairo International Airport, Luxor International Airport, or Doha International Airport in Qatar to get connecting flights to other countries or cities in the region. For South Asia, try Incheon International Airport in South Korea or Hong Kong International Airport in Hong Kong. In South America, fly to the Guarulhos International Airport in Brazil or Aeroparque Jorge Newbery if you are planning to travel on to other locations in the area.


Round-trip prices are usually cheaper than one way fares. Check out the two-way ticket prices for your international flight, and you will probably find a much cheaper ticket. Even if you are not planning to use your return ticket, the savings on a round trip ticket can be substantial.

Use a combination of these methods to help you find the cheapest international flight possible. Talk to your friends who travel overseas to learn how they save money on their tickets, some of their favorite sites to look for tickets on, and who the best travel agent is. Tips from other frequent international travelers can save you a lot of money. Get creative and be persistent to find your international flights cheap.

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