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Tanita Body Fat Scale - The Tanita Body Fat Scale - Measuring More Than Just Weight

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If you are dieting or exercising to lose weight, you are most likely monitoring this weight loss with a scale. Although measuring weight loss and gain with a scale is useful, another important measure of fitness is body fat percentage. While standard scales do not have this functionality, some newer scales, such as the Tanita Body Fat scale, do.

Tanita is a company that is focused on providing products that will help enhance physical fitness. As such, they founded a research center, The Tanita Best Weight Research and Development Center, to provide insight into creating products that will best reach this goal. The center, located in Tokyo, looks at weight, as well as other factors which influence health. These other factors include, but are not limited to, medical history, nutrition, physical activity, and psychological issues. Researchers at this facility have found that body fat measurement is a better predictor of health than weight loss, as weight can fluctuate despite exercise and healthy eating.

For those interesting in measuring body fat percentage, the Tanita Body Fat scale, which retails for approximately $50-$60, can do that. This appliance uses bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), sending low-level electrical signals up through the feet and using the feedback to calculate the percentage. This information, as well as your weight, is displayed on a 2-1/4 inch LED screen. Also provided in this display is a chart to show where your measurements fit in among average measurements, and whether they are within a healthy range.

Healthy body fat percentages vary based on age, weight, and gender. The Tanita Body Fat scale is able to take this into account. When you step on the scale, it will ask you to input all this pertinent information, which it will use to provide you with information about your body fat percentage, and where it fits in compared to a healthy range. Therefore, you will need to spend some time programming the scale on first use, however, the scale will record and remember your information for subsequent days. Following this first, time-intensive try, using the scale will take moments. Its ability to record your information will also allow you to compare how your weight and fat percentage change over time. Up to two people can use this recording feature, however, the scale has a “guest” feature for visitors who would also like information about their weight and health. For those not interested in measuring their body fat percentage, there is an option to display only weight.

This scale measures up to 300 pounds and provides weight outputs in 0.2 pound increments. Body fat percentages are rounded to a value of 0.5%. While the scale can provide information for ages between 7-99, and has data for everyone in the range of inactive to moderately active, there are some limitations on who can use this piece of equipment. Due to the electrical pulse used to calculate body fat percentage, it is not appropriate for individuals with pacemakers. If you are pregnant or physically active, it is also recommended that you purchase a different scale, as this one may not provide the most accurate information.

Reviews for the Tanita Body Fat Scale are quite high, and include praise for an easy to read digital screen, accuracy compared to other scales, and the large amount of information that is provided. Critics of the scale cite inaccuracy with body fat percentage calculation. However, any error in input of information, or incorrect use by individuals with a higher than suggested activity level, could contribute to this problem.

The scale is small in size, measuring 11-3/4 by 12 by 1-1/2 inches. It requires four AA batteries to operate. Silver in color with light grey accents, it blends well with any bathroom or gym décor.

The Tanita Body Fat Scale can be purchased through a number of online retailers. Simply conduct an Internet search for this product to find a suitable retailer. For those in search of a brick and mortar store, these can be found by visiting the Tanita website (www.Tanita.com), and clicking on the “Where to buy?” link. A number of locations throughout the world should show, providing you with many options to choose from.

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