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Sbc Global Net - How to Establish and Access SBC Global Net

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How to Establish and Access SBC Global Net

The SBC Global Net is the domain which is controlled by total 3 servers at SWBell Net and PBI Net. And the main server is the NS1 Swbell Net. Two of the servers are found on the same IP network. In addition, there are 9 mail servers which handle the incoming mails for the SBC Global Net at Prodigy Net. Few of them are also found on the same IP network.

After the merger of the Southwestern Bell Company (SBC Global) with the AT&T and the Yahoo, SBC Global Net has come with the ability to provide you the option to contact all of the essential email features provided by Yahoo. All of these features can be accessed right from the SBC Global email account of yours.

When you can access all of the essential email features distantly from that of the Yahoo or the SBC Global website, you may also establish your SBC Global account from the email client present on your own computer. Few instructions on how to establish the SBC Global Net account are given below.

Step 1:

Open the outlook e-mail program first.

Step 2:

Your next step will be to click on the tools given on the Outlook menu bar. Select the account setting option. Check out the email tab and then select new from top tool bar.

Step 3:

Go through the e-mail wizard to establish your new email account. During the establishment, you will require to build a display name for the account to assist you to identify the account given on your PC.

Enter the user-name, password and the e-mail address. Choose “Pop3” as an account type. Now enter “pop.att.yahoo.com” for the in-coming mail server. Last, you have to enter “smtp.att.yahoo.com” for an outgoing mail server.

Step 4

Click on to the finish button to exit from the e-mail wizard once that new primary account has been developed.

Step 5:

Click on to the email tab. Choose the email account which has been just build. Click the “change” given from the top tool bar. Last of all, you must click on to the out-going server tab.

Step 6

Choose the alternative as given “out-going server authentication”. Now choose “log on using”. Now you need to enter the username as well as the password.

Step 7

Click on to the “advanced” tab and select to enter the “995” as port number for your incoming SBC global net server. After that you need to enter “465” as port number required for your out-going mail server.

Step 8

Your last step will be click on to the “OK” button so as to save all your settings. Next, click to the finish button to exit from there.

When it is about accessing emails at SBC Global net, it must be known that you can access your SBC emails with much ease. The lack of the information available to the customers about the amalgamation of the SBC with the AT&T left most email users in dark. However, it was quite fortunate that the e-mail accounts connected with the SBC Global Net were not all deleted-they were just moved. You can easily access your SBC e-mail with much ease.

Step 1:

Visit the official website- ‘www.sbcglobal.net’. Now you can possibly access to the page by reaching to the “my.att.net”

Step 2

Click on to the tab labeled “sign in” at the top of the right hand portion of the screen.

Step 3

Pick the e-mail domain. Click onto the drop down box and choose the site- “sbcglobal.net” as the e-mail domain.

Step 4

Your last step will to enter the username connected with that of the email address. Your next step will be to enter the password and then to click on “GO” button.

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