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Middle Atlantic Rack - The Innovative Middle Atlantic Rack

system series credenza mounting

You are here because you have decided to take a plunge to build a custom video/audio rack for your pro A/V or home theater system. Middle Atlantic Rack Products have come up with a variety. Literally, there are several innovative rack products which include the C-5 Credenza Rack Series; the new EGR Series AV rack enclosures and so on.

Confused which Middle Atlantic rack will be suitable for your needs? Still in doubt which rack mount enclosure will be right for your needs and meet your particular application? If you have never have installed any rack mount system earlier, then you will expectantly find this straight forward buyer guide to be a helpful one for deciding on what kind of rack you may require. In addition, you will also get an insight into its installation and design of the Middle Atlantic rack system.

You will have to consider those things which you require to knowing in order to buy your Middle Atlantic rack and also to get started with the installation. First of all, you have to decide where the system will be stationed -closet, cinema, room, attic or in basement.

The next most important thing to consider will be the style of the rack when you need. The Middle Atlantic rack you choose should be based on your selected equipment and environment. The Middle Atlantic builds diverse AV racks, including rotating, slide-out, wall mount and stand alone.

After deciding what type of rack you want, its time now to analyze the depth, weight, capacity and the height you need for any particular location and equipment. Consider the cooling needs and dimensions of your components. Figure out the width, height, depth as well as the weight.

When installing a middle Atlantic rack, you must always install a rack which is future-proofed for changes and growth to your own A/V rack system as well as accommodating for the proper air flow is crucial. You should always look at the different shelving options and then decide if you wish to go with the Middle Atlantic RSH custom shelves or the standard shelving.

Let’s now highlight on the newest addition of the Middle Atlantic Rack products- C-5 Credenza Rack Series and the EGR Series AV rack enclosures

The new EGR series of Middle Atlantic rack features the new V-system of the pre-drilled sides including the laser knockout and mounting holes on the 5.25 inch grid. This design eliminates the field drilling to mount the small components by means of allowing its integrator to knock out the pre-cut holes and to use the special stud of the company to offer a mounting point.

A fine variety of the innovative brackets are now available for the V-System which can be used to offer the mounting points for both small and large equipment, partial or full height sections, rear rack rail, power-strip mounting, cable tie points and so on.

The optional cable-entry door also comes with the brush grommet which can be fitted in the bottom or to the top of the opening to offer cable entry paths. Because of the designs, it can also be installed after and before the cables, the rear and in the front. Additionally, the ray bay extenders permit users to add in a depth to the back or to the front of the existing EGR series rack. All of these extenders make use of the existing handles, doors as well as certain elements which help to attain greater depths.

C-5 Credenza Rack Series

This new variety of Middle Atlantic Rack has been designed with the steel frames which ships quickly from the stock. According to the company sources, the Middle Atlantic C5 Credenza Rack has been designed to eliminate the long waits, to speed up the integration and also to reduce the influences of the shipping damage.

With this model, the installers may select from one or two or three bay rack sizes with a variety of colors and styles. Each Middle Atlantic C-5 Credenza Rack model comes with the thermostatically controlled and pre- installed cooling fans. Additionally, the doors, the trim and even the outer surfaces are separately shipped to the installation shop or site.

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