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Leather Ring Binders - Leather Ring Binders Keep You Organized In Style

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When it comes to solutions for organizing papers, nothing beats the beauty and longevity of a leather ring binder. There is no reason to settle for an ordinary, second-rate binder when you can have a leather ring binder. They come in a wide variety of price ranges, so while they look pricey, many are fairly inexpensive. In fact, the majority of leather ring binders do not cost much more than the other, nondescript types. The best thing about leather ring binders is that they are extremely durable and invariably look better over time thus making them a smart investment. Leather is also a delight to the senses due to the properties that produce a rich smell, sleek surface and smooth finish.

Leather ring binders can be used for the home, school or work. They are extremely versatile since the pages can be added or removed whenever necessary, as opposed to a bound leather book or portfolio where, once the pages are filled, they are permanently attached. At home, they can be used as a photo album or wedding album by adding photo pages. They also make a wonderful gift for friends, relatives and coworkers. Everyone can use a photo album and when it is presented in a leather ring binder, it looks lavish. Leather ring binders are also a creative way to showcase a child’s artwork or create a book of important documents for the child or the entire family. Leather ring binders make for an elegant way to house a recipe collection. Simply put them in plastic sleeves so they stay protected from things like flour, grease or stains when they are being referenced while cooking. When you find a new recipe, just add it to the collection. Leather ring binders work wonderfully for coupon containment. The book will keep all of those little pieces of paper organized in one place. Use pocket sleeves with tabs to sort, separate and categorize the coupons. When it is time to go shopping, consult the grocery list and quickly find the ones you need. For business use, a leather ring binder will yield a professional, well-to-do impression because they make you look pulled-together, competent and capable.

There are many types of leather to choose from such as cowhide, ostrich and alligator. In addition, the surface of the skins can be smooth and sleek, or pebbled and rough. As far as color choices are concerned, these days, they come in virtually any color imaginable. Although leather is a natural material, it can be dyed. For professional use, it is best to stick with a neutral shade like black, brown, tan, camel, ivory, cordovan or navy. However, for personal use the choice will be based on personal preference. The outside of the binder can be inlaid or imprinted with a design or text such as the family name or the company logo. This is usually achieved by the method of gold leaf or foil stamping. A design that is worked into the leather can be raised to create a multi-dimensional look. Decorative stitching around the edges can form a stylish border.

On the inside, built-in pockets will provide a place to hold a legal pad or manilla envelopes, while zippered compartments will keep loose scraps of paper or business cards contained. A pen holder will ensure that you always have something handy to write with when taking notes in a meeting or for jotting down an important phone number.
An exterior snap closure or zipper will provide extra protection to the contents inside the binder, ensuring that they will not fall out into a rain puddle or scatter across the floor. The hardware fixtures, meaning the binder rings and any zippers or snaps, are typically made from alloys or elements like brass, nickel or chrome. Leather ring binders are widely available in an array of sizes. Some are small enough to fit comfortably into a jacket pocket or purse, while others are large enough to hold memorabilia like signed concert posters or cherished artwork. For the ultimate combination of form and function, choose a leather ring binder for all of your organizational needs.

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