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Scotts Reel Mower - Scotts Reel Mower Loves The Planet

sharpening blades kit lawn

Many people are interested in going green to help the earth and all her attributes. Scotts is right on top in developing and redevelopment of earth friendly products. Lawn maintenance without pollutants is accomplished with a Scotts reel mower. Don’t be hesitant because of older models once used that were hard to maneuver in straight lines, let alone around corners. Gone are the days of heavy machines. New reel mowers are much lighter than those and even lighter than gas powered or electric mowers. No worry about gasoline or power to use one. Just push and it works to keep your lawn manicured.

Adjustable blade height from one inch to three makes a Scotts reel mower a good choice. There are 9 variations of settings. Lawns cut to minimal heights may have trouble with scorching in hot, dry temperatures and having the ability to raise blades for longer growth helps to shade roots, retain moisture, and give grass a healthier appearance. The cutting blades cover a twenty inch span which is typical of most push mower counterparts. This model also has two small wheels behind the large ones to make it more maneuverable. It will stand on its own. Hills and other uneven places are less apt to catch on a 4 wheeled mower, however the flatter the ground, the better the cut. The only part to assemble is the handle which requires one adjustable wrench. The hourglass handle also comes with padding for additional comfort of hands and arms. This is helpful when larger areas are mowed.

The Scotts reel mower has 5 blades that need little maintenance. This saves money having professional sharpening done. They will cut through most lawn variety grasses, but are not for use on very tall or stiff stemmed plants. If the blades seem dull, but the time frame doesn’t seem enough that sharpening should be needed, check the blade height and make sure that isn’t the trouble with the cut first. When the time does come to sharpen the blades, a sharpening kit makes it easy to do.

One kit available, to do home sharpening every 2 to 3 years, takes about 30 minutes to do. The handle is removed so the Scotts reel mower can be disassembled without a cumbersome handle in the way. Step by step instructions included with the sharpening kit tell what tools to use for disassembly. These are minimal. A paint brush and solution come in the kit to be painted onto the blades for sharpening. A crank is also enclosed that allows the blades to be turned backwards for sharpening after the gear for the wheels is removed.

Sharpening by another method involves tightening and loosening screws on the deck and adhering a self stick grit paper and backstop. The backstop is held on by screw clamps. Tension is adjusted to provide contact for sharpening. Parts are not removed from the mower and the aluminum oxide strips can be used several times due to their durability. All one has to do is push the mower and it removes rust and burrs while sharpening without the mess of compound on the blades or reassembly.

Not only is the planet benefited by the use of a Scotts reel mower, but the exercise gained pushing one is a good workout. Walking, working slightly against the obstacle -the lawn, and terrain keeps hearts healthy. Breathing fresh air while mowing instead of fuel powered machines is also something to consider. Definite benefits to the owner as well as the world.

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