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Santa Clara Property - Santa Clara Property Offers Something for Everyone

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The fantastic city of Santa Clara, California features a gorgeous climate, excellent schools, and innumerable entertainment attractions that foster a unique and exciting atmosphere. Located in the center of the Silicon Valley, Santa Clara is just minutes away from the San Francisco Bay and offers mild year-round temperatures as a result of its close proximity to the ocean. The city is also home to an annual arts and wines festival, the Great America amusement park, and the historic Mission Santa Clara de Asis. Prospective home owners will find Santa Clara property to be centered in a hub of friendly commotion and activity.

The Santa Clara property market is currently in a very healthy condition. Residential opportunities are enormous, with many fantastic living spaces available for purchase (homes in this city sell for an average of $750,000 to $1,000,000). Santa Clara is also a very popular location for businesses and companies to build their roots. Intel, NVIDA, and many other companies are located here. In terms of office space, there is about 9,000,000 square feet available with a current vacancy rate of about 13%. The average asking price for office space is $2.50 per square foot. There is about 12,000,000 square feet of industrial space in Santa Clara, 5% of which is available at about $0.85 per square foot. Finally, the research and development space market occupies about 22,000,000 square feet in Santa Clara and has a vacancy rate of roughly 14%. The average lease rate is $1.50 per square foot per month for these spaces.

Santa Clara property offers innumerable attractions to residents of this city. Santa Clara manages to combine an exciting, lively city life with a completely safe residential atmosphere. In terms of daily living, this city is surely the ideal place to live. For instance, Santa Clara offers an excellent school district for children of all ages. Several Santa Clara schools have earned the honor of being ranked as a ‘California Distinguished School,’ and families from all over the Bay Area flock to Santa Clara to take advantage of its fantastic educational opportunities. All Santa Clara property is within reach of the city’s supreme school district.

The city of Santa Clara is also considered to be a very safe place to live. An excellent police force and general good morale keep the area secure for families and single home owners alike. Although Santa Clara is a large enough city to offer numerous unique amenities, it is small enough that an avid safety force can keep the city free from crime and violence. Santa Clara property will always be kept safe and secure from potential harm.

Perhaps the largest reason why families choose to relocate to Santa Clara is the city’s unique entertainment opportunities. Not many residential cities can boast an amusement park, an arts and wine festival, and historic sightseeing opportunities just down the street! The Great America amusement park, built in 1976, offers a dizzying amount of rides and attractions that will keep adults and children alike entertained for hours on end. The Santa Clara arts and wine festival is held annually in September. Featuring live entertainment, a bountiful foods and wine tasting arena, and unique cultural arts and crafts, the festival attracts visitors from all throughout the Bay Area with its exciting atmosphere. Finally, the Mission Santa Clara de Asis presents a fantastic opportunity to explore the history of California. The mission, built in 1777, is beautifully restored and maintained and features numerous educational opportunities for people of all ages. Santa Clara real estate property is far enough removed from these attractions so that residents are not bothered by the presence of tourists and visitors, but close enough that residents are within easy distance from the entertainment.

Santa Clara property can be surprisingly affordable considering all the amenities that the city has to offer. While the average price of Santa Clara property is quite high (an average size, single family home with three bedrooms will cost buyers roughly seven hundred thousand dollars), the cost of Santa Clara real estate can hardly be considered expensive when compared with other California coastal properties. Some California cities that are close to the ocean have an average real estate cost that reaches into the millions.

Santa Clara property is invaluable in terms of all that the city has to offer. Santa Clara’s safe environment, stupendous schools, and truly unequaled entertainment attractions make the city a fine place to live. Although the price of Santa Clara property may seem a bit high to some, the benefits of living in such a marvelous city surely outweigh the costs.

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