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Bed And Breakfast Williamsburg - Staying at a Bed and Breakfast in Williamsburg

people colonial time style

People love to vacation in Williamsburg, Virginia. Not just for Williamsburg’s rich cultural history, but also for the quaint colonial style bed and breakfasts. The bed and breakfasts in Williamsburg have become some of the most popular Inns that have been given awards for their magnificent beauty. When it comes to Williamsburg, older is definitely better. Most of the bed and breakfasts in Williamsburg were built in the early 1900s. Each bed and breakfast will have a colonial grandeur style look to it. The oldest bed and breakfasts were built in 1904, and were once some of the most stately homes for people during the colonial period. Even to this day, they still hold the same magic that they held over a century ago. Many of the older colonial style homes were turned into bed and breakfasts, and have been bringing in a steady income for owners for many years. People from all over the world visit this beautiful state just so that they can say they stayed at a Bed and Breakfast in Willamsburg.

Staying at A Willaimsburg Whitehouse Bed and Breakfast on Jamestown Road gives visitors a sense of being treated like royalty. Starting with breakfast, vacationers can enjoy a complimentary breakfast with candlelit tables, and lunches filled with some of the finest baked bread, and best tasting wine to match it. The rooms are large and spacious with either queen sized beds, or two king size beds in a two bedroom suite. The affordable rooms each come with antique furniture, cable television, free internet with WiFi, fire places, small refrigerators, air conditioners, and phones. The surrounding area around the bed and breakfasts have art galleries, shopping centers, and many fine restaurants. Inside of the reception area when people walk in, they will be treated to a beautiful warm fireplace, baked cookies and bread, and a library where they will find some of the best books to read on their off time. Williamsburg is such a popular vacation spot for people that travel agents have even made Williamsburg as part of a discount vacation package for people to enjoy the colonial city any time during the year.

The Colonial Gardens bed and breakfast on Jamestown Road has gorgeous gardens that can be used for weddings, and guest carriage houses that can be used for a private romantic honeymoon. Many of the rooms inside of the colonial style bed and breakfast has canopied beds with rich cherry wood bed frames. The look and feel of each room will give visitors a feeling of nostalgia. They will tantalizingly wonder what it would have been like to live back in the 1900s and enjoy such beautiful and rich splendor filled with magnificent interesting history. The curtains, toile fabrics, queen Anne style chairs, and colors of the rooms bring elegance and luxurious style to each unit. Other rooms are decorated in World War II designs and colors to reflect the time period. For guests who arrive late to the Colonial Gardens bed and breakfast can order a picnic dinner that could be waiting for them in their rooms. The baskets will be full of fruits, bread, cheese, wine, salads, and sandwiches for two people. Visitors can also have tea in the afternoon in their rooms, and become part of a murder mystery game for fun at night.

Williamsburg Sampler bed and breakfast Inn, also on Jamestown Road, is a plantation style colonial Inn with all antique furniture that has been found from all over the world. The nuance of Williamsburg is to create a city where everyone feels as if they have just gone back into time. When people go back to their homes in their respective cities, they will feel as if they went through a time machine that has just brought them back to the present time. Staying at a bed and breakfast in Williamsburg will give people such special memories that they will last them for a life time.

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