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Body Soul Magazine - What is Body Soul magazine?

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Body Soul magazine is a common misspelling of a popular Martha Stewart monthly magazine. Unlike other publications by Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Body Soul magazine is focused almost entirely on healthy living and wellness. While Martha Stewart Living magazine is sometimes characterized by its focus on design and perfection, Body Soul magazine focuses on small changes for better whole living.

The magazine, originally titled Body + Soul: Whole Living, was renamed Whole Living: Body + Soul in Balance in 2010. Editors believed that Whole Living was a better description of the magazine’s contents and a better description of its goals.

First published in 2003, Body Soul magazine is focused on healthy eating and environmentally friendly living. It also includes segments based on spirituality and self-improvement. Finding balance, both mentally, physically, and in life, is a common theme running through Body Soul magazine’s articles. In recent years, Body Soul magazine has benefited from the green movement and a growing interest in living in ways that benefit both the individual and the planet.

In many ways, Body Soul magazine provides holistic versions of many features that are common in magazines targeted towards women, including other Martha Stewart magazines. Recipes in Body Soul magazine are always focused on using fresh ingredients and shopping locally to support small farms. When an ingredient is highlighted in recipes, its health benefits are also explored.

There are many health oriented articles concerning different medical conditions that affect women. These articles often feature natural options and highlight herbal remedies and alternative treatments. Personal stories of womens’ experiences with types of alternative healing are a common occurrence. Articles sometimes offer multiple perspectives on healing, listing a modern medicine option, a traditional Eastern medicine option, and a common home remedy.

Subjects like fashion and beauty are covered in a way that is consistent with Body Soul magazine’s mission. Beauty products are organic or use the benefits of natural essential oils. Skincare tips are primarily focused on a back to basics approach. Fashion advice is simple and timeless.

Body Soul magazine also features many fitness articles. Various types of yoga, Pilates, and other fitness regimens that also have mental and spiritual benefits are often highlighted.

The spirituality sections of Body Soul magazine may be what set it apart from other publications. Meditation techniques are a common feature, as are ways of finding inner peace from various places in the world. Articles seek to be open, accessible to people from various religions and spiritual backgrounds, but are always about finding a higher level of inner peace.

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