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American History Movie - American History Movies: Finding the Right Movie for Different Eras

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American history covers such a wide period with so many interesting and exciting settings that you may feel a little overwhelmed when you are hankering for a historical movie to pass an evening with friends or family. Here are a few suggestions for the various periods which should help you find just the right American history movie to fit your mood.

For the colonial period, one of the best American history movies out there is Mel Gibson’s “The Patriot”. Although not perfectly accurate in some cases, this story of a South Carolina farmer out to avenge the death of his son, killed by a sadistic British soldier, is as exciting and dramatic as any of Gibson’s more mainstream films.

In the Civil War era, “Glory” staring Denzel Washington and Matthew Broderick. One of the most powerful films covering this period of American history, “Glory” tells the true story of Colonel Robert G. Shaw, played by Broderick and his attempts to gain the trust of and train the only company of black soldiers in Union Army. He bravely faces trials as he faces prejudice and bigotry, both that of the Confederate army and of his own superiors, in his attempts to make his company into as formidable a fighting unit as any in the northern army.

Another American History movie that covers the Civil War era and the time that came immediately after it is Kevin Costner’s “Dances with Wolves”. In it, a Union lieutenant named John Dunbar is given a post on the frontier in exchange for his bravery in service (though what was interpreted as bravery by his superiors was really just a botched suicide attempt). There, he meets and befriends a local tribe of Native Americans, taking on the name Dances with Wolves. But when the forces of civilization begin to encroach on his new life, he is forced to choose once and for all which is his true identity: the Lieutenant John Dunbar of the U.S. Army, or Dances with Wolves of the Pawnee tribe.

An excellent American history movie that covers the early 1900’s in “Ragtime”, directed by Academy Award winning director Milos Foreman. Adapted from the widely read novel by E.L. Doctorow, “Ragtime” tells the story of many different groups of people living in and around New York City and New Rochelle, New York at the turn of the century. Among with is a fireworks manufacturer simply called Father, his wife similarly named Mother, their son and Mother’s brother, a ragtime pianist named Coalhouse Walker Jr., and the immigrant Tateh. The lives of these fictional characters are then interwoven with real historical figures like Evelyn Nesbit and Harry Houdini to create a story that is truly breathtaking and complex.

Probably the most well known and well-loved American history movie of the last 20 years, “Saving Private Ryan” is a must-see for anyone wanting to watch a deeply engaging piece of cinema about America soldiers in World War II. Directed by Steven Spielberg, it chronicles the attempt of eight soldiers, lead by Tom Hanks as John H. Miller, to find one and send home one solider named James Ryan, whose three brothers have already already been killed.

There are many films that cover the Vietnam War, but the one film the that can truly be called the best American history movie of this era is “The Deer Hunter”, specifically because it deals not only with the events of that war, but the time leading up to it as well as the attempts of those returning from it to return to their normal lives after the fact. It follows the lives of steel workers from Western Pennsylvania who have their relatively happy, peaceful lives changed forever by their experiences of the horrors of war.

There are many great American history movies out there, but these movies will give you what you are looking for if you are interested in a particular period of American history. Hopefully, if you like what you see, these films will be just your first foray into the exciting genre of American history movies.

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